Secrets to Happy Family and Relationships

Don’t just keep your friendliness for family gatherings, celebrate every moment and welcome your community as your family

You can only share what you have.

If you want your family to be happy and open and if you want to live in a community that feels like family, you need to be happy and have a sense of belonging first.

Learn how you can be that source of happiness and friendliness through special, powerful breathing techniques and practical wisdom at the Art of Living courses

Let go of your emotions, not your love

We face many difficulties day to day and when we get caught up in the storm of our emotions, we end up saying or doing things that we regret later. Neither at school nor at home have we been taught how to handle anger, sorrow or any negative emotion.

This is where the knowledge of the breath taught in the Art of Living course plays a vital role. For every rhythm in the mind, there is a corresponding rhythm in the breath. So, when you cannot handle your mind directly, through the breath you can handle the mind. When we understand the power of the breath, we can have a say over our thoughts and our feelings. We can let go of anger and negative moods whenever we want to.

Practicing the Sudarshan Kriya taught in the Art of Living Happiness Program helps you let go of negative emotions naturally. In fact, the frequency of anger and stress reduces tremendously. Your ability to accept situations increases. Instead of reacting impulsively,you get the ability to respond to situations and take rational action.

For love to stay fresh throughout our lives, we need to go beyond initial attraction and ever-changing emotions. No matter what emotions come and go, learn to enjoy your life with your loved ones.

Let us learn to understand each other

“uff… I really did not mean to say that, why don’t you understand?…”

Sometimes the wrong words just come out. With so much stress every day we forget to talk to people as people and there is a gap between what we think and the words we say or things we do.

When we know how to deal with this stress, then we can see things more clearly and treat the people around us better and with more respect and we will see that they also respect us.

Learn how to say what you mean better

When you plant a seed you need to plant it just right. It won’t grow if it is planted on the surface nor if it is planted too deep. It needs to be planted a little bit under the soil so that it has a chance to sprout and grow in to a plant.

For love to grow, you don’t need to keep it on the surface nor bury it too deep. Meditation makes expressing love with just the right moderation effortless.

The techniques taught in the Art of Living Happiness Program help you relax and de-stress and become more aware and sensitive towards others in your family and around you, making it easier for you to express yourself better while the other person gets exactly what you want them to understand.

Take your first step to bring waves of peace, love and happiness to the people around you.


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