6 Tips to Go Deep
into Meditation

You may have been practicing meditation regularly but have you noticed that at times when you sit to meditate, your mind seems to take a holiday to a world of thoughts? Learning how to meditate is the first step but do you want to move up the ladder and learn more ways of getting a deeper experience? Following a few tips can help you in this direction.

How to go into deep meditation:

  1. Bring a smile to another face
  2. Experience the sound of silence
  3. Pamper your body with some yoga twists
  4. Keep a watch over your food
  5. Sing to yourself
  6. Book your daily meditation time

Bring A Smile To Another Face


How do you feel when you help someone? Happy, satisfied? Do you also feel a burst of positive energy, like something expanding in you? Do you know why? This is because when you do service and bring a smile to someone’s face, good vibrations and blessings come to you.

Service also brings merit and it is this merit that allows you to have a deeper experience in meditation.



Experience the sound of silence to help you go into deep meditation!

Imagine yourself standing on a terrace early morning, looking up the grand red sky, completely mesmerized by the beauty of the rising sun. Do you feel deep silence and oneness with the beauty - the beauty that takes you beyond words? Your mind is so calm and settled. Have you ever wondered why?

In silence, there are fewer thoughts and your mind settles down.

Most of the time we keep chattering and our senses are busy collecting information and bombarding us with so many thoughts and impressions.

Silence complements meditation. When you are silent, your mind slows down and you slip into deep meditation more easily.

An easy way to experience silence and meditation together is the Art of Living Part-2 program



Pamper Your Body With Some Yoga Twists

Have you observed that some days you feel very restless during your meditation and are unable to go deeper?

This is because long working hours bring stiffness to the body and aches due to this stiffness make you restless. Doing some yoga asanas frees you from this stiffness and releases restlessness. With this, your mind settles down and allows you to have a deeper experience in meditation.



Keep a watch over your food

Think about the days you have meditated after having oily, fried, non-vegetarian food, and the days you meditated after having light and healthy food. Do you feel a difference in your meditation? This is because your food has a direct impact on the state of your mind.

As a meditator, an ideal diet should include grains, green vegetables, fresh fruits, salads, soups, etc. – essentially foods that are light and easy to digest and high in ‘prana’ or life force.



Sing To Yourself

Have you noticed how different types of music trigger different emotions in you?

We are made up of 90% or more space, so sound has a very profound effect on us. Singing in satsangs purifies emotions and you feel a sense of expansion in you. The ‘little mind’ that chatters incessantly is silenced and when you meditate, you have a deeper experience.

Know more about how music can lead you into a deep meditation experience.



Book Your Daily Meditation Time

Keeping a discipline and honoring the practice are keys to having a deeper experience in meditation. So book your meditation time every day and experience the magic of going deeper.

Deep relaxation meditation technique.


Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

Based on inputs by Priyadarshini Hariram, a Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Teacher.