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Karma and Reincarnation

11/20/2017 Bangalore, India

The Meaning of Karma

The most used and mis-understood word is Karma. The literal meaning of Karma is action. Action could be latent, could be in the form of tendency, and it could be a future happening. These are the three forms of Karma.

So Karma means:

  1. The impression of the past which will draw similar situations in the future (that is future Karma)
  2. The present action that you are doing that is creating an impression in your mind. That is again called karma

How to Eliminate Karma?

Every habit is a sort of karma. Suppose you have been drinking coffee every morning, and one day you don't drink it, you get a headache. This is coffee karma. Now how to eliminate coffee karma?

  • By drinking coffee, or
  • By not drinking coffee but just observing the sensations in your body, or
  • By doing some breathing execises, or meditation

Being aware of a tendency in you will help you overcome the tendency. Here comes the play of knowledge (awareness). Knowledge does not mean informative knowledge, it means awareness. The sense of knowingness. When you increase your sense of knowingness your karma gets reduced. Like you feel like throthaling somebody but because you are aware, you don't do it. If you are not aware, then when the tendency comes up to throthle somebody, you just go and throthle them. You act on it.

Every impression is Karma, but there is nothing to worry about it because Karma is not like an engraving on a rock, it is fluid. And Karma is always bound by time because every action has only a limited reaction, not infinite.

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How Karma Relates to Reincarnation

All animal have only prarabdha karma, which means, that Karma over which they do not have any control. Mother Nature runs them, so they don't accumalate any future karma. If you are totally like an animal, you don't get any karma. But as a human being this is impossible because the mind gets into the impression and accumalates future Karma. And Karma is that which propels reincarnation. Stronger the impression, the nature of the next life could be predicted by that.

There is one thing that can erase karma and that is knowledge and self-awareness. If you are aware of yourself, if you are in total love, then you are free from karma. Then you are not bound by any impression, you are free.What gives you freedom is your awareness.

Reincarnation - Coming Again Into the Body

Our mind is energy, and by the law of thermodynamics you know that energy cannot be destroyed. If mind is energy, then what happens to this energy when someone dies?

Death is almost like sleep. What happens when you sleep? While sleeping, your consciousness and your attention shrinks and you shut out from your outer experiences and move inward into a void. And when you wake up in the morning – the same consciousness which was shrunk starts expanding and opens up, and you wake up.

If you carefully observe the mechanism, the last thought that you get just before falling asleep becomes the first thought when you wake up. This gives you a clue of your reincarnation. The mind which is full of different impressions leaves this body, but the impressions remain with the mind like a ballon and waits for a proper situation for the same mind to reincarnate. When there is a coupulation, and the proper womb formation, then it just pulls that mind into that womb and that is how a child is born; a body is gained.

It is said that the last thought is most important. Whatever you do through-out your life, at least in the last moment of your life you should be free and happy. If you are happy in the last moment, before you leave the body, then you get a better body the next time around.

The impression in the mind will produce such circumstances and such situations for the mind to take on the next body.


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The 3 Types of Karma

Every effect has a cause and this cause is Karma. Many people think Karma is fate. Karma is not just fate. The literal meaning of Karma is action and action has
got 3 forms

In this article,
Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
talks about the 3 forms of karma




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