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Three Simple Steps To Weave Wisdom Into Your Life

In today's busy world, we’re easily distracted, that often, there just doesn’t seem to be enough quality time available to spend on wisdom and master the art of self. We may have copies of wisdom books, videos, but may not have a possibility to get personal guidance at the comfort of our home.

The Art of Living brings in quiz, games, and many exciting features that helps you to revive the wisdom from the books or videos that you may already have. Every live video session opens up possibilities and the online teachers share techniques you can use right away to overcome current challenges by taking better advantage of the time you may have.

Take the road to deeper understanding, practice and live the knowledge to a whole new you

Now take three simple steps to a deeper connection to your self!

1. Sign up at no charge for practicing, dwelling, and living the Knowledge at http://elearning.artofliving.org/. Enroll for either or or both the courses or Gyan Yagya.

  • Explore Patanjali Yoga Sutra with Dinesh Kashikar
  • Explore Ashtavakra Gita with Swami Pragyapadji.
  • Gyaan Yagya

2. Participate in the wisdom community forum discussions with hundreds across the globe, share views, review the knowledge through quiz, assignments, games, stories, and more.

3. Attend regular online live interactive, video sessions with Swami Pragyapad ji, or Kashi Bhaiya and get deeper insights, and tips.

Here are two brief videos to help you understand what the sessions will be like -



" I am really happy for this new initiative which would spread wisdom and knowledge to many thereby giving a chance to understand bliss !!! Let God bless us !!! " - Prashant Nair

" I feel so blessed to listen to this online session. Though I was not able to be part to talk with Swamiji direct but anyhow I am feeling so joyful. Thanks a lot to AOL team for such a beautiful learning on AVG." - Johnny Goyal

" Its a pleasure when your questions get answered without you asking them " - Shikha Bharalawala

"As Guruji said Sadhana,Seva and Satsang. The 1st two are been quite regular and its part of the weekly activity, this is an opputunity for me to get involved more in satsang. JGD" - Vishwanath Raja

"The way kashi Bhaiya interprets knowledge is brilliant. His examples create a clarity in mind." - Abhishek Kejriwal

From many days I was waiting to have a session of Patanjali Yog Sutra, but it was not possible to have a guide for this. Therefore, now I will get such a great personality who will definitely make my journey much more successful!" - Saurabh Jadhav

"It's a wonderful opportunity to listen to this wisdom from him and to witness it sparking minds & hearts all across the globe. Also to be a part of this beautiful initiative by Sri Sri eLearning - the first of many! " - Usha Radhakrishnan

"Understand this unique wisdom, apply the knowledge in my daily life. Though I have watched the AG videos by guruji....the knowledge somewhere gets faded in due course of time. Basically re visiting and refreshing my self." - Nivedita Sharma

"I have always appreciated Swami Pragyapad's depth of knowledge and the way he makes knowledge accessible and easy to understand. Knowledge is always better digested when discussed. JGD" - Sathyan Ariyapalli




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