Welcome to Bad Antogast
International Art of Living Center

A place to relax, revive, dive deep within Yourself…
A place to be with the nature, enjoy the silence, refresh…
A place to BE…

Nestled quietly amid the densely wooded mountains of Black Forest, Bad Antogast since 1995 hosts the International European Art of Living Centre. Thousands of people visit Bad Antogast every year to join Art of Living workshops and course and yoga retreat holidays. 

We welcome everyone who is searching for peaceful corner to escape from busy modern life, city noise and relax in beautiful surroundings and pure nature. To make your stay meaningful we offer yoga, meditation classes, Ayurvedic massage and treatments and much more!

If you are interested to learn yoga, breathing techniques, meditation or you are practicing yoga for some time – in Bad Antogast you can join program no matter how experienced and advanced you are. We offer guided programs for all age groups. You are also welcome to come for holidays or relaxing retreat following  your own program and enjoy exciting Black Forest activities (hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, horse riding, swimming in the waterfalls and snow sports during winter). 

Nature is fascinating here - you can enjoy nature walks and paths leading to the tops of the hills with a beautiful view of sky and forest horizon. Here the fresh air and pure water from mountain streams are available in abundance. You can even benefit from natural mineral water that springs in our Center!

Our cozy and beautifully arranged Sri Sri Ajurveda center provides most relaxing atmosphere and its team offers variety of Ayurvedic massages and treatments. Here you can warm up, relax, let go all your tensions and be filled with joy.

Be it yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic retreat or breathtaking nature – once you come to Bad Antogast, you will never come back the same!