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SHINING BAD ANTOGAST. Call for Renovation 

October 2012 - February 2013

Make it better place!

Have you noticed that every time you come back our center is more and more beautiful? In last few years we have changed the roof, reconstructed the facade, renovated and completely changed the reception and dining area. Just recently we have been repainting the outside walls - see the pictures above! It is all happening because of you who come and dedicate your time, because of all of you who have volunteered with us and give donations that make obvious difference.

We have plans to complete several major renovation projects till February 2013! Be a part of it: 

1.     Choose few days or weeks and spend an unforgettable time volunteering with your friends at our Big Home!

2.     Support the project with donations and raising funds for the reconstruction on the below account:

Die Kunst des Lebens Deutschland e.V. || Bank:  Volksbank Offenburg || BLZ:  66490000 || Konto:  52096707 || BIC:  GENODE61OG1 || IBAN:  DE23 6649 0000 0052 0967 07


Reference: 'Bad Antogast renovation'

Our Goals

- Renovation of rooms & corridors: to bring modernity, light and a loving touch;

- Spring hall major improvements: put a wooden floor, completely renovate walls, ceiling and pillars to create a new    

  atmosphere for upcoming courses;

- Expansion and decoration of the dining for our meal times to be even much more enjoyable; 

- Change of the heating system and make our center more eco-friendly;

- Make a new staircase in M-Building for more comfort & safety;

- Transform Bad Antogast garden into terraces and grow more vegetable, fruit and flowers!

- And many more...

For more details please see a video on the tour around Bad Antogast with Lars Heckmann (Center administrator):

We are welcoming national teams!

Combine Seva, Sadhana, Satsang, beauty of the nature, time spent with your friends and unforgettable teamwork! We prepare nice surprises for all our volunteers to make this trip special and precious experience. Groups registered in advanced will be getting primer rooms close to each other that will be set specially for your team.

Requirements for volunteering: 

·   Professional experience and any skills in above mentioned field is NOT compulsory! 

·   Done at least 1 Art of Silence course

·   Done seva for Art of Living before

·   Recommendation letter from an Art of Living teacher

·   Physically and mentally healthy

·   Health insurance valid in Germany (many times a travel insurance is enough)

·   English language

Would like to register your team or have any questions, please contact us at:

We look forward to seeing you soon!