Is Faith Important?

13 Aug 2012 Turkey

Bangalore, India

Yes, today your silence is over! (Gurudev says to the Advanced Course Participants)

I heard two Advanced Course participants who were walking towards the lakeside. One asked, ‘When will the silence be over?’
The other one said, ‘Tomorrow morning! It will be over tomorrow morning.’
So, some people have kept such silence as well!

And some people kept silence with full devotion.

In silence you conserve your energy. With talking a lot of energy gets spent that is why sometimes it is good to be silent for some time.
Two or three times a year, or once in four months, it is very good to take a silence program for three to four days. There is a lot of advantage in doing this. There is physical and mental advantage. All the stress in the nervous system gets released; your batteries get charged and you become joyful!
Also with silence, our speech gets purified, and then whatever we say starts happening. That is why Sadhana has its own importance.

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