Finding God

10 Aug 2013

Bangalore, India

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What is happening today is that, our education system has become so weak that even after getting a master’s degree, people don’t get jobs because they don’t know how to do a simple job. Skills are missing. We need a skill-oriented education. And that’s what our Nagapattinam school does.

You know, when the tsunami hit that area, that’s when our volunteers and teachers went there and built this school. Along with that they also started skill training.
The 600 and odd kids, whose lives and families were affected by the tsunami, are now bringing a tsunami of talents! This is really wonderful. We should congratulate all the teachers and volunteers who have made this happen.

Another interesting thing that the school authorities were sharing with me. You know, there were two local MLAs who were trying to admit their children in our school through recommendations.
There is generally a big queue to admit children to our school. But we admit the children only if they fulfill certain criteria.
So our teachers, volunteers and the principal stood by the policy. Tremendous pressure was put on them to admit these children out of the queue, out of merit, and out of all logic. The school authorities said, 'No!' They stood up for it.
It is a free school, still. Have you ever heard that there is a big rush to admit children into a free schools? This is what happens when people work with commitment. When you work with all your heart and soul, any institution can become par excellence.

So the school authorities said, 'No, even if you give us money we will not take. Anyway we don’t take money, it’s a free school. We stand by our policy. You will have to go through the regular procedures, and recommendations will not work'.
It is very nice. And it is not that somebody from the top, the trustees or someone, are telling them (to do this).
Wakefulness dawns within a person automatically. The character and commitment comes from inside, and that is what is called spirituality.
The effect of spirituality on your life is that it helps make you become committed. You set a high standard for yourself; not to compete with somebody else! You set standards for yourself and excel in it. That is what brings fulfillment in life.

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