God is a lively and loving consciousness deep inside each one of us!

21 Dec 2010
The youth of India have inherited this great country. I want the youth to take responsibility for the society. We want a corruption-free society. The second goal is that we need an intoxication-free society, otherwise we can never progress. Youth are the only hope. It’s very necessary that you (the youth) take this step right away!
Focus on studies, work and knowledge, and leave the rest to the Divine. I am so happy to see such an enthusiastic youth group coming from this part of the world. You should know, we have The Art of Living throughout the world today. You go to the South Pole, tip of Argentina, and you will find The Art of Living. You go towards the North Pole, you will find The Art of Living there. You have a family which is spread across the whole globe, and each one of you is a very important member of the family. We have such a big family, and we have a responsibility too, to work for a happy and celebrative society, a society which is free from violence, and a society which is spiritually uplifted. I want each one of you to multiply 100 times, reach out to schools and colleges and make life a celebration.
And be assured that your needs will be taken care of. You do for the Society what Society needs, and leave the rest on me. You will see, your needs will naturally start getting fulfilled. Whatever you wish, will happen.

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