Navratri Chants

"Mantras bring out all the positive energy within you." - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Chants build a protective armor around you while energizing and uplifting your spirit. This Navratri, soak in the powerful Devi mantras including Lalita Sahasranamam, Devi Kavacham, and Mahalaxmi Ashtakam sung by Bhanumati Narasimhan.

Devi Kavacham

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam

Raja Rajeshwari Ashtakam

Namastestu Mahamaye


Stotras are the compositions sung in the eulogy of deities. It's believed that listening to or correctly chanting stotras helps to eliminate obstacles and provides solace. Celebrate your Navratri with these Devi stotras and experience their therapeutic effect.

Original Lalitha Trishati Stotram

Durga Saptshati

Meenakshi Pancharatnam

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Mantra

Ashtalakshmi Stotram

Lakshmi Ashtotram

Sri Lakshmi Stotram

Annapoorna Stotram

Namaskara Stotram

Navratri Bhajans

Wondering how you would celebrate Navratri this year being at home?

Begin your day by expressing your devotion for the Mother Divine through these soulful renditions; and create a wave of bliss, enthusiasm, and positivity in and around you.

Namastestu Mahamaye

Ashtalakshmi Stotram

Abhayam Abhayam Amma

Durge Durge Devi Song

Jaya Durga Lakshmi Saraswati

Namo Sharada Namo Sharada

Jai Jai Bhavani Ma

Ambe Ma

Durge Nandhini

Kali Durge Namo Namah

Vishalakshi Devi

Niranjani Devi Bhavani

Namo Devyai

Vishwa Lochani Amba

Navaratri Devi Song

Durga Devi Bhajan

Janani Jagadamba

Best Ever Devi Bhajan Medley

Vandhe Bhuvaneshwari

Devi Bhuvaneshwari

Shiva Manohari

Triloka Paalani

Devi Kavacham

Jagadodharini Ma

Bhagyadha Lakshmi Baramma

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