The science and practices surrounding Navratri

8 FAQs to start your Navratri puja

Navratri is the biggest event celebrated every year at the Art of Living International Center which draws thousands of people. Ancient vedic pujas are conducted for nine days with clockwork precision and a lot goes on behind the scenes.

As the Principal of the Ved Agma Samskrutha Maha Patashala at the Art of Living International Center, a lot depends on A.S. Sundarmurthy Sivam, who is also the head priest at these pujas.

He hails from a family of priests and has conducted 1005 Kumbhabhishekhams and more than 2100 Chandi homas all over the world. Having conducted Navratri yagnas at the Art of Living International Center since 1994, here are some in-depth questions answered by the head priest himself:

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