If you’re planning to fast this Navratri – either a beginner or a fasting pro, either way this is a time for your determination and willpower to be tested.

The body is intimately connected with the mind and the mind with the emotions. When the body is cleansed through fasting, the mind is also purified. It becomes calm, clear and peaceful. The mind-body complex experiences a new level of balance and depth, chorusing: ‘we're in this together!'

While fasting, the mind and body might go through some restlessness. But the fact that you have actually reined in your taste buds and not given in to your hunger pangs makes you feel super about yourself too. Restlessness can be managed and the sense of achievement can be sustained by a few, light yoga stretches, bends, and pranayama.

Benefits of Yoga while Fasting

  • Yoga helps the body to cope with the process of detoxification and energizes it.
  • Through deep breathing and relaxation, the stressed-out nervous system shifts into healing mode.

Add a dash of yoga to your fast


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