How to balance the gunas

The three Gunas come in cycles, one after the other. One naturally experiences these three qualities from time to time. However, there are also other factors that affect the Gunas, and that is the lifestyle that we choose to lead. It is a two-way street. A healthy lifestyle helps increase Sattva, which in turn balances the Rajas and Tamas qualities.

Animals are governed by nature, so there is no imbalance in them. They never overdo anything. They never overwork, overeat, or over indulge in sex. They cannot overdo anything because they have no freedom.

Human beings on the other hand are endowed with freedom, or you can call it the power of discrimination (i.e., what to do, how much to do, when to do, and whether or not to do). This discriminative power, to do or not to do, is given to human beings because they possess freedom. We can overeat and get sick. We can over-sleep and feel dull. We can over-indulge in activities and get restless, or experience other problems, and all of this causes an imbalance in the Gunas that affect the quality of our being.

How do we balance the Gunas in us?

The Gunas can be balanced through spiritual practices, a healthy lifestyle and by following a Sattvic diet.

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