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Away from Crime, Juvenile Delinquents Discover a New Life

Far away from the world of crime, twenty four young habitual offenders from Bangalore undertook a cleanliness drive in Bangalore on 17th May 2015.

The young boys were earlier involved in chain snatching, drug peddling and gang violence. Following their participation in the rehabilitation program organized by the Art of Living and Bangalore Police, the twenty four young boys have found a new a ray of hope in life. The boys have now expressed their wish to get integrated into mainstream society and also help reform other members of their group to give up crime.


The Additional Police Commissioner Bangalore (West), Mr. Alok Kumar, launched a helpline to ensure that more of such habitual offenders shun the path of crime and violence and get back to a normal life.


Published on 26th May, 2015.



Slum Children Get A Glimpse Of School Life

In the Bherkhampur Mohalla of Lucknow, on the banks of the Gomati River, is a colony of maids and rag pickers. Children from this community are also rag pickers. With an aim to provide education to these children, Ratna Prakash from the Art of Living takes coaching classes between 5:00 - 7:30 pm with the help of volunteers.


Teaching is done with the use of charts, games and activity-based learning, including poetry to sustain the children’s interest. Pranayam is given to children for stress relief and increasing concentration levels. It has now become a favorite place for over 60 local children who are keen to study.


Published on 21st May, 2015.



Empowering Rural Women

Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Mohanty through the The Art of Living’s Rural Development Project (SSRDP) is kindling new hope in rural women, 298 women from 14 villages in Cuttack, Orissa have so far benefitted from the training and improved their sewing and stitching skills. The women have also been taught stress management techniques, which has helped them remain physically and mentally fit.

“Before the training our source of income was limited to crops. Though we toiled hard, we earned very little. Now, I’m confident of meeting the financial needs of our family,” says Niharika Behera, who is getting advanced training in embroidery.

Published on 21st May, 2015.



Encouraging Girl Child Education

Art of Living runs 404 free schools in rural and tribal India with special focus on Girl Child education with education being provided to nearly 20,000 girls.

Published on 10th February, 2015.



Helping to Connect with Family

On the occasion of Labor Day (May 1), The ​Art of Living ​chapter in ​Bahrain partnered with ​the ​Your FM 104.2 ​radio channel ​and Batelco​, a telecom company. Food and Batelco starter kits (new ​phone numbers with talk time​) ​were distributed to 700 ​workmen across Bahrain ​on May 2​.​ ​Many of the beneficiaries shared that the occasion made them feel appreciated and they looked forward to making the first call back home.

Published on 7th May, 2015.



Encouraging Girl Child Education

Art of Living runs 404 free schools in rural and tribal India with special focus on Girl Child education with education being provided to nearly 20,000 girls.

Published on 10th February, 2015.



Act Now Campaign

The Art of Living with the support of UNICEF and MTV India launched a national campaign in the month of December 2013 inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to make their pledges on www.thegirlpledge.org. The campaign addressed 5 critical issues affecting the Girl Child today. Female feticide, abuse and violence, child marriage, malnutrition and education.

We have impacted over 64,704 girl through the Act Now campaign. And over 1 million have pledged.

Published on 12th February, 2015.



Encouraging Girl Child Education

Art of Living runs 404 free schools in rural and tribal India with special focus on Girl Child education with education being provided to nearly 20,000 girls.

Published on 10th February, 2015.



Play Among Your Children, Not With Their Childhood

The Art of Living in association with UNICEF combated the problem of Child Marriage in Bihar. This was done by raising awareness in 418 religious leaders, parents and community members.

Under the initiative a total of 1,29,560 people were reached out to, through
Programs for Mindset Change, including 74,960 in Gaya , 23,400 in Nawada and 31,200 in Vaishali.

181 local youth emerged as 'Agents of Change' after the Art of Living Youth
Leadership Training Program and worked further for the cause. 40% of these were girls, most of whom were themselves victims of Child Marriage.

Published on 9th February, 2015.


Gift A Smile

For The New Year, 8-14 year olds participants of an Art of Living program in Macedonia, handmade 30 dolls and cards and shared them with children from socially disadvantaged families.

Earlier this year, 125 people from Purtur of Maharashtra participating in an Art of Living program, gifted 3000 toys to children of poor background in a random acts of kindness.

Published on 1st January, 2015.


uilding The House of Dreams

In an atmostphere of grief and confusion after the Tsunami in 2014, The Art of Livinf provided more than just relief material .

35,000 people underwent trauma relief programs and gained the courage to rebuild their ives. nearly 100 homes were built in Nagapattinam, Tamil nadu for families who lost their shelter in the Tsunami. A school and a vocational training center were built for providing better opportunities to the youth.

Published on 1st January, 2015.


Healing the Scars of Sex Workers

1 - The brothels of Sonaga\chi and Kalighat in West Bengal have approximately 11,000 sex workers including men, transvestites, and girls aged 13-20.

2 - The community battles abject poverty, risk of contracting sexual diseases, including HIV, physical torture, violence and premature ageing.

3 - Since 2012, the Art of Living has worked with sex-workers and their children though project Udaan, to bring a change in their mind-set as deep rooted stigma has conditioned them to live in a state of low self-esteem.

4 - Taught Sudarshan Kriya, yoga and pranayam to address cases of trauma and depression.

5 - Organized medical check-ups for diseases like diabetes, HIV and other STDs.

6 - Raised awareness on HIV and AIDS along with Darbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee.

7 - Started a free learning center for children upto class 4 with mid-day meals.

8 - Over 700 sex-workers and their children have benefited through these activities.


Published on 5th December, 2014.


Click here to view the infographic.


Uprooting Addiction to Empower Villagers


1 -  8,000 people died in Chhattisgarh in past 18 months (year 2013-2014) due to excessive liquor consumption. (inewsone)
2 - Chhattisgarh is the second-highest in liquor consumption by men (after Arunachal pradesh) in the country (The Indian Express)


1 - In 2013, 15 Art of Living volunteers, who believed they could make a difference, ventured into rural Chhattisgarh (Korba District).
2 - Chandrasekhar Baghel took charge of Koi village, Ajay Shukla of Doma and Bade Karela villages.
3 - They taught yoga, pranayam and meditation to people in the village.
4 - Vocational training was organized for the youth .


Koi village,Korba Dist

1 - 100% Liquor-free
2 - Liquor is banned in this village by the Panchayat.
3 - Illicit liquor producers are now earning through organic farming and sweets production. They earn twice as much.

Doma and Bade Karela village, Korba Dist

1 - Over 60 % of the drinking-population have quit in Doma village and 80 % in Bade Karela.
2 - The illicit alcohol producers now earn a living through organic farming and electrical maintenance. They earn twice as much now as when they produced and sold alcohol.


Published on 28th November, 2014.


Click here to view the infographic.


Empowering Farmers through Zero Budget Farming

Rajiv Kumar's 4 acres of land in Sheikhpur, Bihar, that could not be used for profitable farming because of infertility of land and severe water shortage now yields more than Rs 4,00,000 pa.

Vegetation needs moisture not water, so cultivating near a pit of water provides better irrigation and prevented wastage.

With water supply available 24x7, Rajiv created a thriving nursery of flowers of excellent quality. Selling to numerous customers including The Forest Department. Per-capita income of Bihar is Rs. 28,000 pa. Rajiv, who was previously unemployed, is now earning more than Rs. 4,00,000 pa.

The Art of Living has taught Zero Budget Farming to 2 million farmers across India.


Reported by Ram Asheesh

Published on 7th November, 2014.


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Light a Home – Light a Life

While addiction can be a lifelong and highly debilitating illness, Robi Engti recovered from his 15-year-alcohol addiction using tools taught by The Art of Living.
Reconnecting with himself and his community, Robi has since then worked to bring electricity for the first time to his village Klurbung in Assam, through solar power to 60 homes.
10,500 solar lamps have been distributed across India by the Art of Living through its 'Light a Home' project.


Reported by ~ Kumlin Engtipi

Published on 31st October, 2014.


Addressing Anxiety, Anger & Fear In Juvenile Delinquents

After the Art of Living Workshop, an American Study showed a significant decrease in anxiety, that in turn led to the decrease in anger and fear and reactive behaviours, in juvenile offenders convicted for violent cimes with deadly weapons, murder, rape and armed robbery.

The Art of Living has conducted workshops for more than 15,000 delinquents in India and Abroad.


Published on 27th October, 2014


Prisoner to Educator

Dhara Singh who was convicted for smuggling drugs, turned his life around after attending The Art of Living Prison Smart Program in prison.

In 2001, the Rajasthan Police arrested Dhara Singh, who was dependent on drugs, for smuggling 750 grams of smack into Bihar from Rajasthan. He was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

“I did not want to commit any crime but addiction is a dangerous thing. When I felt the need for intoxication, I was prepared to do anything. I had to steal and I was ready to even kill just to get the money to buy drugs,” he explains.

He underwent the Art of Living Prison Smart Program, while in prison, which helped him detox and deaddict. The program supports inmates to reintegrate into the mainstream upon release.

After seven years in prison, Dhara Singh was released. He presently runs a free school with the Art of Living for 230 students in Rajasthan.


Published on 7th October, 2014.

200 Deprived Children Get Opportunity to Learn

Alipurduar, tribal area in West Bengal, known for the poor working conditions of laborers in Tea Gardens.  40 year old Ramkumar Lama has started a free informal learning center there.

Approximately 200 children up to the age of 14 spend every Sunday at the three centers. They learn computers, music, dance, English, yoga, Sudarshan Kriya and play team sports like football. Awareness is also created on health and hygiene. After practicing at the learning center, 15 children participated in a State Level Cultural debate on the 26, January 2014.

Ramkumar, along with other Art of Living Youth Leaders have created better learning opportunities that will go a long way in shaping them as happy and capable adults.


Published on 22nd September, 2014.

Techie Quits U.S Job to Work For Rural Development

Nearly 48% of Indians lack access to proper sanitation. 'The back to the Roots' project is working to flush out this problem, one step at a time. Sudhakar Veeravalli quit his software job in USA and returned to work as an Art of Living change maker in the villages of Andhra Pradesh. Powered by grass root leader Kala Alagappan, the BTTR team has brough access to better sanitation to Rural Andhra Pradesh


Published on 10th September, 2014.


Reaching Out To The Affected

Floods in the Dibru river destroyed many villages in the Tinsukia. Art of Living volunteers fought the difficult situations and reached Miri gaon,Tanga Bari, Garaki and other flood affected villages. Clothes were distributed to over 200 people. In these villages Art of Living’s solar electrification project will be executed soon.


Published on 9th September, 2014.



Smiles As Bright As Their Homes

300 homes are now electrified through Solar Power in Biliranga Hills, Karnataka. This remote area never had electricity before being lit by The Sri Sri Rural Development Program in January 2014. The Art of Living in association with Schneider and DTDC have set up Solar Panels in this area.

We congratulate Priya Vijaygopal and the SSRDP team on bringing such change in Rural India

Published on 26th August, 2014.

Empowering Youth in Jamaica through Yoga & Meditation

The Art of Living Foundation Jamaica and The Ministry of Youth and Culture organized a one day introductory seminar for youth: Mental Health Matters. This seminar conducted by Mr. Dushyant Savadia was attended by 50 youth leaders from various schools and homes. They were exposed to breathing, yoga and meditation for the first time.

The response and experience of this workshop was such that the Ministry of Youth on the same day issued a press release confirming a roll out of Art of Living Youth Empowerment Seminars to more schools. The Student council youth leaders participating on this workshop personally were motivated and geared to become ambassadors of Art of Living and take them to all the schools and universities in Jamaica.


Published on 20th August, 2014.

Free Medical Camp for Cancer Patients

Cancer, a result of cells that uncontrollably grow and do not die. In India it takes over 10,000 lives every year, many amongst these are the ones who cannot afford treatment.

In one such township where there is no facility for Oncology treatment, poverty-stricken cancer patients were provided free check up by specialist, Dr. Tapan Saikia (head of oncology & transplant), Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, in collaboration with the Art of Living.

On 20nd July 2014, youth leaders of the Art of Living under the guidance of Purvi Deka organized the camp at Dibrugarh, Assam to bring better health care to those who cannot afford it.


Published on 14th August, 2014.


Reviving Faith & Relieving Disaster Struck Uttarakhand

The massive floods June 2013 left the mystical valley of Kedarnath mourning. Fatality struck millions homeless. Since then over 300 local youth leaders have been empowered by the Art of Living and IAHV. This initiative led by Reema Panwar and Nisagrah Bisla along with doctors from across the country. From the initial distribution of relief material and providing medical aid and food, the team has assisted in rebuilding bridges and homes and training in self-sustenance through organic farming.

Since June 2013 they have been working tirelessly to empower local people with tools and resources to become self-reliant. “Initially we helped with food segregation and distribution of relief material”, they recall. “We distributed 110 truckloads of relief material not just to those standing in line. We went door to door and reached out to those grieving and in shock.”


The relief and rehabilitation work done:

  • Art of Living youth leaders constructed bridges and shelters.
  • Free medical camps for people including 4000 evacuated tourists.
  • Solar geysers installed in 10 locations and light in 21 health centers in Chamoli.
  • Reconstructed damaged homes in Toshi village.
  • Reconstructed a school in Phata village and gave continued support with school expenses, tuition fee and books.
  • Emergency response to quickly respond during earthquakes, floods, and cyclones.
  • Zero budget organic farming workshops for 150 people in apples, almonds and apricots.
  • Self-reliance workshops for 12000 people.
  • Created 138 youth leaders.


Published on 13th August, 2014.



Food for Orlando West Community

Soweto Youth Village gathered 100 food parcels, in partnership with Ikageng these were distributed in the Orlando West Community. Ikageng cares for around 500 families that have been affected by the HIV/Aids pandemic.


Published on 6th August, 2014.

Eat Organic Live Health

The effort began with training farmers in organic farming by Sri Sri Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (SSIAST). Now the farmers have a space to market their produce too.

Every Sunday, from the 3rd of August this year, you can get organic produce at HEC market, near Vidhan Sabha, Ranchi.


Published on 5th August, 2014.


Cleaning The Sullied Pampa River

850 Art of Living volunteers, clean 27 tons of waste from Pampa river in Kerala in the 4th stage of its cleanliness drive.

As an ongoing process river cleaning is being done once a month after the Sabarimala pilgrimage.

Project Beneficiaries:

1 - Periyar Tiger Reserve
2 - Kuttanand paddy field (2nd largest in Kerala)
3 - Three districts through which the river passes


Published on 29th July, 2014.


Sri Sri Global Meditating Doctors

Now doctors have an opportunity to contribute beyond Hospitals. Sri Sri Global Meditating Doctors Association (Sri Sri GMDA), a platform to serve underprivileged section of the society.

Sri Sri GMDA is a forum that brings together health professionals from all fields of medicine to promote health and well being of the community.

Some of the activities include:
-Conducting free medical camps
-Promoting health benefits of meditation
-Identifying strategies for disease prevention and wellness.
Know more: www.srisrigmda.org

Published on 15th July, 2014.


From Turbulence to Tranquillity

Peace has more relevance where there is war. Christoph Glaser and mawahib Shaibani in a continuing effort o bring peace to Iraq conducted a three day program for 35 members of Parliment in Arbil, Kurdistan, Iraq, in June 2014.

Since 2003, several TRauma Releif Programs, Women Empowerment initiatives, Youth Leadership Projecs have been conducted in Iraq. Art of Living, on the invitation of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, ran prison programs in the countrie's correctional homes. Thousands of hardcorse criminals weee given a vision of a peaceful society.


Published on 8th July 2014

Drug User & Peddler Now Gives People a Lasting HIGH!

"What people do over decades I have done in four years. Cocaine, heroin, brown sugers, tranquilizers, LSDs and more."

Trijit Dash, overcame his addictions after the Divya Samaj Nirman Program and service (Seva) at Art of Living International Center. From using and peddling drugs, he has helped 33 people get clean through Art of Living Programs. The 25 year old also counsels three people a week on an average.

We congratulate this role model for the youth who now says, it's connecting with yourself that really makes you cool and confident and not drugs.


Published on 1st July, 2014.

Empowering Bagladesh to End Violence Against Women

Women in Satkira in Bangladesh have witnessed trafficking & sexual violence the most. The Art of Living Bangladesh, with the help of NGO Biswas foundation has reached out 250 affected women who are extremely poor and have gone through all kinds of violence . The special 3 day Trauma Relief Program set permanent smiles on sad, brooding faces stuck with the uncertainty of life.

"In the beginning of the program, they were so restless, that they just couldn't sit down for few minutes! But at the end of the session, they shared that the session was so powerful that they feel strong peace in their mind with a new ray of hope towards life. The Art of Living , Bangladesh is committed to support them towards self-reliance by providing them skill training through the self-help groups already created." shares Sajeev Menon.


Published on 1st July, 2014.


Priests Say No to Child Marriage

Priests in Bihar all set to change the future. They vowed not to officiate at the weddings of under-age brides and grooms. In our earlier attempts between 2009 to 2012 the Art of Living, in association with UNICEF , addressed the problem of child marriage in Bihar by raising awareness in 418 religious leaders.
This initiative to change mindsets reached out to over 1,29,560 people.

Published on 24th June, 2014.


Curing Fistulas With Age Old Ayurvedic Surgical Techniques

In September 2013, Dr. Ramesh Bhatt from Sri Sri College of Ayurveda, was the only Ayurvedic Surgeon among 48 super specialists at the International Medical Conference at Las Vegas. Dr. Bhatt presented the Ayurvedic technique to treat fistulas, which was also published in an international surgical journal.

Using this method, Dr. Bhatt has successfully treated approximately 2500 patients in 10 years.

Published on 17th June, 2014.


Permaculture: Chemical Free Agriculture.

Permaculture means permanent agriculture. It encourages chemical free agriculture. The practice of these agricultural techniques have transformed small portions of the hyper-arid desert of Jordan into green fields.

The only public Permaculture demonstration and training site in the entire country is at The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore.


Published on 10th June, 2014.

Transforming Villages Through Education

Few years ago children in Mohong, Assam could not dream of school and Tinsukhi's District Collector was hesitant to allow visitors in the village. Those who visited, never returned.

Today, the Art of Living runs a free school in Mohong. The school has brought hope to 410 students in the town. This school was set-up with the support of a former ULFA militant, who after meeting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar decided to bring peace through education.

Watch Video

Published on 3rd June, 2014.


Flood Relief Efforts in Bosnia

Over 1.6 million lives have been affected in the Balkan region due to the floods and landslides. Volunteers from Art of Living Croatia collected food, clothes, money, etc. to help the people who have been affected the most by the recent floods. A group of Art of Living volunteers from Croatia and Bosnia went to the flooded villages and delivered the aid directly to flood victims.

The humanitarian action continues and the aid is still being collected, which will be distributed to the flood victims. If you would like to contribute towards the cause, contact us:

Address: Petra Kocica 5 75 000 Tuzla Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina [Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina]

Email: umijecezivljenjabih@gmail.com

Phone: + 387 61 633 007


Published on : 30th May, 2014.


IAHV Partners to Deliver Medical Supplies to Liberia

Recently the International Association for Human Values, sister organization of The Art of Living, formed a partnership with Delivering Good Health Community Services International (DGHCS) to support their efforts to transport $300,000 worth of medical supplies to Liberia

Donated by Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, the supplies have an expiry date so they need to be shipped by June 8th.

A 40-foot container, costing about $15,000, will ship and deliver the goods to the needy.

Information courtesy: Filiz Odabas-Geldiay
Published on 28th May, 2014.



Former Robber Now Captures the Police

Praveen, wanted for 14 cases of robberies and 15 cases of chain-snatching, is now robbing the police of their stresses!

Having undergone The Art of Living program for delinquents, Praveen bagged a job with one of India's leading two-wheeler manufacturers. Later, he became a teacher of The Art of Living programs.

Today, having conducted The Art of Living program for more than 600 police personnel across Karnataka, Praveen captures their praise. 

Published on 27th May, 2014.


Lighting the Lives of Millions

The ‘Light a Home' initiative aims to take clean and affordable lighting to 360 million people living in 74 million rural households across India with no access to electricity.


Published on 23rd May, 2014.


Cows Happily Moo in their New Homes

The Art of Living has adopted abandoned desi cows found by the Surat Municipal Corporation on its city streets, with a unique idea to house them safely with welcoming families. 488 cattle (cows, calves, bulls and bullocks) have been received from the Corporation through this project and in turn given to farmers and YLTP Youth Leaders to be used for natural farming.


Published on 23rd May, 2014.


Happy Earth Day

For the first time in the past 30 years, the River Gharni in Maharashtra had a flow of 45 crore liters of water in August 2013. More than 25,000 people were benefited from this. While drought has caused terrible turmoil amongst the farmers of Maharashtra, people have found a spring of hope with the rejuvenation projects of Tawarja and Terna rivers in Latur district, Bennitura River in Osmanabad district, the Kaptur, Takli dam in Aurangabad, and Nala and Babhalgaon lakes. In Almala, Nagarsoga, Bhada, Shiur, Peth and Budhada areas of Maharashtra, river rejuvenation and naala deepening and widening work is ongoing.

In Karnataka, Thippagondanahalli Reservoir (fed partly by the Kumudvathi River) which provided water to the western part of Bangalore City is now drying up. Exuberant individuals are working to rejuvenate Kumudvathi River, under a three year project taken up by Volunteer for a Better India. When full, the reservoir has the capacity to meet 60% of Bangalore city’s water needs.

Seeing the commitment of the Art of Living towards the Kumudvathi Rejuvenation project, the Vyakti Vikas Kendra was invited to initiate the Vedavathi River rejuvenation project as a nodal agency under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Karnataka along with Zilla Panchayat, Chikmagalur. 49 villages will be benefited from the rejuvenation of the Vedavathi River.


Published on 23rd May, 2014.


Beggars' Rehabilitation Program

A Beggars’ Rehabilitation Program is being run in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra by Volunteer for a Better India. This program is aimed to rehabilitate men who are blind, differently-abled, unwell, or have been convicted for begging

Cooking, ironing, boot polishing, automobile repairing, and knitting are some of the skills being taught to them. Iron boxes have been distributed by Volunteer for a Better India to some of the inmates trained in laundry. Some of the staff at the Beggars' Home now gives their clothes to these inmates to iron, through which they earn and save money.


Published on 23rd May, 2014.