Once you are on this path know that you are purified!

24 Nov 2011

Mahasatsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at Chandigarh

Is all your work getting done? This is what grace is!
Whoever comes on this path grace is always in abundance.

Instead of bringing flowers for me, you blossom as a flower. There should always be a smile on your face that nobody can take away. Always be joyful like this.
Amongst celebrations and enthusiasm don’t forget what you need to do – Sadhna, Seva and Satsang.
Be happy and spread happiness to others as well.
“Hanson aur hansaon, mat fason aur mat fasaon” - You be happy and make others happy; do not get entangled and do not entangle others.

I always say when I go to other places that I am concerned about Punjab. Many youngsters, boys as well as girls in Punjab have become alcoholics or addicted to drugs. So if you just sit here and say I love you Guruji that won’t be enough.
The most courageous people in the country are from Punjab so if this state is under the shadow of addiction then it would be an immense loss for the country. It would be a loss for India.

So what you need to do is tell those who are addicted to alcoholism that we can give them such a high that will never go away. Bring them to this celebration that they can never forget. Then they can get out of their addictions and start coming to satsang.
We need to take the youth out of addiction. I have heard that 75% of the youth are alcoholics. We need to save Punjab as well as India from this. We all need to work together for this. All those who are using drugs tell them to do pranayama, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya, and the addictions will drop easily.

All youths must take a vow that in their weddings there will be no alcohol. People are drinking alcohol in sorrow as well and in joy as well, and this is destroying their health. Take a vow that there will be no alcohol in your wedding. People in your wedding should sway out of joy and not out of drinking alcohol.
It is said that by 2015 the sale of alcohol will rise by four times in our country. So if you take a sankalpa only then this can be stopped. Bring every one of them to this path.

This year the Art of Living has completed 30 years. You go to any corner of this world you will find the Art of Living. If you go to the last city of the Arctic pole, to Tromsø (Norway) where the sun doesn’t rise for two months, there also you will find people practicing pranayama, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya. When I got down at the airport there were so many people.
If you go to the southernmost city of the Southern hemisphere, Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, there also you will find Art of Living. People are so happy that so much transformation has come into their lives. We have become a one world family.
This happens when our heart is pure and clean. If you are regular in meditation, knowledge and pranayama it will purify your heart so much that your blessings to others will bear fruits.
Become like a child. When you are connected to this knowledge, know that you are also very pure.
This is the Ganges of knowledge. Whoever takes a dip in this will not consider himself as a sinner. Once you are on this path, know that you are purified.
There are three things that we must keep in our mind:
1. Those who are involved in alcoholism bring them to this path of Knowledge, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya.
2. We must all take an oath not serve alcohol at our weddings.
3. And know that you are pure and your heart is clean. In the company of the pure you are also purified. All your past karmas are dropped.

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