Spirituality is retaining a child-like nature even after growing up

13 Feb 2012

Mahasatsang at Banaswadi, Bangalore

Do you know what satsang means?
Satsang means being natural, informal and simple.
Your smile is sufficient for me. There is no need to burst crackers for me. I just want you to be happy and natural. In a group of ten children, if you pinch one child and if it starts crying, all the children in the group would start crying. Though the pain is inflicted to one, all of them would start crying. All of us were like that earlier, isn’t it? Do you all have the memory of being a small child? Do you remember how your heart used to respond? If someone used to get hurt, was it not hurting you? If another person got hurt, it used to hurt us as well. However, as we started growing older, how did we lose this? What have we become? It is a big question that we have to ask ourselves.
Do you know what the spiritual path is? It is retaining that child-like nature even after growing up. If we do this much and if we keep our hearts clean, all that we wish for will come true. Not only what we wish for but we also get the ability to fulfill the desires of others.
Our heart should respond like a child. All of us have a small child hidden in us. We should awaken it. Now, you might get a question. If we get that innocence back then people might misuse us. Is it not? Don’t think that way. Nothing like that is going to happen.

The reason for all these bulbs lighting up is because there is an electrical connection somewhere. In the same way, the connection has to happen inside. The connection has to be joined with the ultimate truth. The plug and the socket are there, they just need to be connected. Once the wire gets connected, there will be serenity in the mind without any worries. I want to see you all that way. Give me all your worries. I have come here to collect all your worries. There should be a smile on your face.

How long are we going to live for? Everyone is going to die someday. No one here would be there for more than fifty to sixty years from now. In this short span, we should be pleasant and lead life happily. How to lead life happily? We gave it a name called as The Art of Living.
If worries come, we should learn how to get rid of worries and ponder on the purpose of our life, instead of worrying. Are you all ready to do this today? Are you all ready to drop your worries here and go? Leave all your worries here. If you do seva (service), your wishes will be fulfilled. Do seva, do something good for the society, do meditation and pranayama for a while. After this, whatever you wish for, fulfilling that becomes my duty.

How many of you have body aches? (A lot of people raised their hands).
See, so many have body aches. These body aches come because of improper food habits and lifestyle. We don’t pay much attention to what we eat and how our food habits should be. We eat all that we find. This is not good.
There is a proverb which says, “The one who knows about food does not get diseases”.
We should also do some exercise and Yoga asanas. By doing Yoga, there will be energy in the body, glow on the face, inspiration in the mind and enthusiasm in life. All these will come automatically. So, at least for some time, you should do yoga asanas (postures) and pranayama. How many of you are ready to do it?
Otherwise, we will simply keep popping in tablets and spoil one part of the body while getting the other part treated. We take medicines to cure a stomach problem, but the liver gets affected because of antibiotics. We go for treating the liver and the pancreas gets affected.
Like this, treating one organ would damage the other. That’s why our ancestors have made a wonderful science known as Ayurveda.
They used to diagnose an illness just by checking the nadi (pulse). People from different parts of the globe are coming to Bangalore and getting themselves cured through Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnosis).
Instead, what we are doing is taking allopathic medicines over and over again and spoiling the body. We shouldn’t do this, we should pay attention to our Ayurvedic knowledge.

Also, we should keep our mind clear, and for this, we should have a broad vision. ‘Everyone belings to me’, this feeling has to be nurtured. I am not saying that you should do it today. Do it slowly.
Forgiveness should be there. If you are angry with someone, forgive them. Make it a practice to forgive those who cause you anger.
For example, the new year (Ugadi) is coming soon. Take a resolution to forgive all those you who you are upset with or angry on in the last year and start a new chapter. We should start a new chapter with full enthusiasm. We should be natural.

Just give two hours of your time in a week for service to society and with that we can change this region and bring transformation. Let us not leave it to the Municipal Corporation. Let us dedicate two hours in a week for social service.
I was told that there are water problems in this area (Banaswadi, Bangalore). I was here during my college days in 1972 or 1973. At that time there were lots of trees, parks and a big lake too. I just have that faint memory. This place was more beautiful in the 1960’s, with just a few houses here and there. Because of the increase in population there is a water problem now. We should learn how to store water. India is in the second place among the highest rainfall receiving nations. However, we are not making good use of the water.
All of you should plan to do rain water harvesting. Don’t use any chemicals and fertilizers in water. The soaps that we use have a lot of chemicals. Use Ayurvedic soaps so that water doesn’t get polluted.
How many of you are planning to join the lake-cleaning project?
I’m making you raise your hands once in a while so that you don’t sleep!
Once someone asked a saint, ‘When we watch movies, we don’t get sleep, but when we sit to listen to discourses we feel sleepy, why?’
The saint answered, ‘this is a bed of roses, so you become sleepy. A movie is a bed of thorns, how can one get sleep there?’

I haven’t come here to give any discourse. I am here just to tell you that there is a tattva (principle) in you called as Eshwara tattva. It loves you very much. So, don’t worry. Finding that out and establishing connection with it is very easy. I have come here to say this. In Bangalore, getting an electric connection is difficult, but establishing connection to Divinity is easy.

There should be patriotism; we should have a dream for a non-violent society. Nowadays, even if there is a small crowd, people lose their wallets and phones. Our country was never like this before. Robbery and crime is increasing nowadays.

You know what my dream is? A non-violent and crime-free society. One of our volunteers went to a notorious village called Kathewadi (Maharashtra). He made everyone to do satsang and meditation, and in three to four months, people took out the locks that they were putting to the homes. They have one shop where a box has been kept, and people put money in it and take whatever they came to purchase. If you go to Germany, in villages there, one box will be kept and people put money in it based on the price tags and take what they want. This is Rama Rajya. Our country was also like this once. Mysore and Bangalore were like this. We should give such a society to our children once again. We should build a pure, divine and spiritual society that is crime free, corruption free and violence free. Only then can our country progress. I have complete confidence that we can build it. Do you?

Don’t think that all these things are nice to talk about but it is really not possible? If all of us work together, we can do it.
We have made many taxi and auto drivers do the course. There are many stories of the drivers returning the money left in the vehicle. Even now, there is no dearth of good people. Can you believe it? There is no dearth of good people, but their voice is not coming forth. We should make their voices heard.

Giving bribe is a big sin. All those who take bribe, do not take any bribe for at least one year. Don’t take or give bribe. Lets all take an oath that we won’t give bribe, and for those who take bribe, do not do so for one year. My dream is to build a beautiful, divine society and uplift our country. You all should join hands for this. Will you?

Take some time and meditate for twenty to thirty minutes everyday. It will help you a lot. Then, no one would be able to take the smile from your face. If you meditate regularly, there will be a big transformation.

There was a movie called 2012, which said that the world is going to come to an end. It was a nonsense story just to create panic in people. People are already scared, and this movie increased the fear in them that the world is going to end and there will be doomsday. So, I told D.K. Hari to research on this and write a book.
The Mayan calendar originated in India. All this knowledge was once there in India. So, this new book ’2012-The Real story’ has been written to say that you need not be afraid about 2012.

When spirituality was at its peak in India, the economic situation was also good. When the country fell spiritually, the economic situation also got destabilized. Hundred years ago, India had thirty three percent GDP. Spirituality was shining at that time. So, we have to uplift spirituality, scientific research and economic position. Everyone here wants to earn good money and lead life with low costs, isn’t it?

How many of you are ready to volunteer? Let us all work together. The government will provide you all the support. What has happened is, we blame the other saying he or she is no good. From this, nothing constructive happens. We keep blaming others and ourselves. We should stop blaming and start work together.

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