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Sri Sri University

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar envisioned a university, an institute of world-class academic standards, so students can have good education right here in India. An education that offers a rich, vibrant and healthy environment with a curriculum that enriches both domain expertise and life skills. Thus, Sri Sri University was born.

Faculty of Management Studies

The Sri Sri University, through its Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), aims to create efficient and ethical leaders with a global vision.

The FMS offers a Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration, the latter in three streams of specialization - General Management, Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness.

Academic rigor and well-updated curriculum at the FMS, is an important aspect of education. At the same time, the University believes in a hands-on-approach to management through programs like the Assessment Development Leadership Outreach Potential (ADLOP), Capstone Project, and Self-Audit Academic Program.

In the ADLOP, students take part in the management process by being a part of at least one student committee such as the Capstone Committee which works towards sensitizing and developing participants towards involvement in business issues; Knowledge/Consulting Committee which provides participants an exposure to the consulting industry; Industry Integration Committee which works towards establishing a sustainable and symbiotic relationship between SSU-FMS and the industry; Infrastructure Committee; Placement Committee and Hostel & Canteen Committee.

“In most universities, less than one percent of the students take up a role in decision-making.  In our University, every student is part of at least one committee. We have 26 committees which play an active role in running the university,” says Khurshed.

But what is interesting, he explains, is that for whatever these committees do, they get academic credits totaling 40 per cent of their course credit.

This is a SSU advantage. Most educational institutions are not very supportive of students organizing extra-curricular activities, though these activities, feels Khurshed, teach students valuable organizational skills.

In the Self-Audit Academic Program, students pick six functional electives, which empower them to learn on their own. Industry experts then evaluate their structured studies.

One of the chosen electives could be the management lab development, where the students can leave physical evidences of their problem solving ability for future generation of students.

The Capstone project, offered only in 12 other institutes in India, enhances the student’s practical industry exposure as they apply skills, methods and knowledge gained through study in solving a significant problem for a real client or a business issue.

The students are also exposed to Global Leadership Series and Industry Interaction sessions to learn directly from the thought leaders of the time.

Spread across 187-acres, the University has air conditioned classrooms, computer lab, communication lab, cafeteria, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and 24x7 Wi-Fi facilities.
The University prides in offering a healthy social culture, by promoting a smoke-free, alcohol-free campus with all the instruments of the Art of Living available as a way of life.
And so, Sri Sri University brings together the best of the West, with its cutting-edge technology and innovation, and the East, with its core spiritual values and ancient wisdom, to create socially responsible leaders who are empowered to bring stability in these times of turmoil.

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Published on June 2nd, 2014