Building Confidence, Self Esteem, and Inner Strength with Yoga and Meditation

By Janette Scott | Posted: April 04, 2018

Building self confidence

Would you like to be more courageous in life? Would you like to gain self-confidence? Have you ever felt too scared to take a leap into a better future for yourself?

In challenging times, we resort to safe and familiar ways, only to later regret that we didn’t act more courageously.

For example, let’s say you have a choice between a comfortable job that you know or a leap of faith into something completely foreign, and then you choose the familiar route. Perhaps the well known situation seems safer and the unknown makes you feel afraid.

Often, day-to-day situations require courage. For example, initiating a difficult discussion with a colleague at work could result in far-reaching ramifications for your entire family, and feared consequences.

Self-esteem meditation

Meditation is one of the best courage-building tools available. After a person begins to practice regularly, a natural love, courage and deep feeling of contentment dawns, leading to improved self-confidence and courage.

Meditation releases inhibitions, and reasons to feel anxiety disappear when the mind is freed from such limitations. Feelings of separation from life and all living things lessen; a natural courage shines through.

The following are four ways in which meditation improves self-confidence, bringing out the courage that’s innately present in you:

#1 Meditation makes you feel connected and confident

The ancient Vedic and Yogic texts say that all fear arises from a sense of separation from others and the world.

Think about how easy it is to sing in front of a group of friends, and how difficult the same performance would be for a large audience. This difference in perceived difficulty has to do with fears related to judgment and separation, which a small group of friends is less likely to cast.

Meditation provides the experience of transcending judgment and duality, and creates the feeling of being at home with everyone. When that happens, you tap into the wellspring of connectedness, comfort, and courage that allows you to be confident.

#2 Meditation creates a fearless mind 

With a regular meditation practice, awareness of each moment, regardless of its pleasantness or unpleasantness, increases. Gradually, the mind becomes comfortable with fear and other emotions. When we stop resisting fear, our innate courage, an aspect of our inner being, shines through.

TIP: Make a list of challenging situations in your life. Then, close your eyes and sit quietly for 5 -20 minutes. When you open your eyes, without thinking about the answers, write down the action for each fear. Notice how the correct answer comes when you’re calm and centered.

#3 Meditation guides right action

Many concerns, worries, and fears are simply the same thoughts being recycled in the mind. Mantras used in Sahaj Samadhi Meditation have the power to take our minds out of these grooves and into a space of stillness and comfort.

When the mind is in this clear, confident space, it’s much more likely to take appropriate action without fearful mental and emotional restrictions.

#4 Meditation increases energy

Prana (Life Force Energy) is what makes us strong, enthusiastic and confident. When our prana is high we are naturally more brave.

Have you ever experienced a time when you achieved much more than you thought possible? It may have been when you were in love or totally devoted to achieving a goal. That feeling of 100% commitment and being totally in the present moment is the energy of courage.

TIP: Meditate for 10-15 minutes before starting work. Meditating before work prepares you with strength for any challenge that arises.

Written by Janette Scott

Based on inputs by Chris Dale, Advance Meditation Course Teacher

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