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Ved Vignan Maha Vidhya Peeth

“My daughter, Dukhi, is the first person in our entire family to be getting an education. The others do not even know how to read or write. So, we are very grateful for this.” - Jaba Soren, Jharkhand, Her daughter studies in Art of Living, Tribal school

“My elder sister is a shepherd. I would have also done the same thing. However, The Art of Living volunteers approached my father and persuaded him to send me to the tribal school at Chakdah.” - Bali Kiksu, West Bengal

Women’s Initiatives, India

Women in Coimbatore have nurtured underprivileged children through projects that seek to give them a bright and promising future. Sharanalaya, an orphanage for prisoners,daughters,was started,and looks after 40 children.