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Vinod Mathur

Vinod Mathur is a Business Strategist and has been consulting in the field Supply Chain Management for the last 12+ years. He has traveled to many countries on various consulting engagements. He has recruited and mentored many budding consultants in his career. He is a graduate from IIT Bombay (Electrical Engg) and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad (Finance and Operations Management).

His interests are in Vedic Mathematics and helping people in their Financial Planning. He has been associated with the Art of Living for the last 15 years and has been a Part1 teacher since 1998.

Chat Topic with Vinod:

Facing job interviews - what does an interviewer look for?

For more than a decade, Vinod has been interviewing candidates for his team. He has screened more than a thousand resumes and interviewed a few hundred of them. Discuss and get your queries answered on what does an interviewer look for in a prospective candidate before the job offer is made. What to watch out for in an interview - some do's and don'ts to keep in mind.