A Global Family

13 Nov 2015 Wassennar, Netherlands

So this festival of Diwali is celebrated to emphasize that there should be many lights. Just one light is not enough to dispel the darkness but every home, every individual should be lit up. That is the message. Let this lamp brings wisdom into our life and let it destroy the animosity that pops up in our minds and in our hearts -- Shatru buddhi vinashaya. Shatru means enmity. Enmity comes in your mind due to cravings and aversions, so let wisdom destroy the enmity and make our lives happier and harmonious.

Having said this, I would like to say, today, 13th November 1981 is the founding day of our organization Ved Vigyan Vidya Peeth in India, and today we completed 35 years. And why this organization? I thought this knowledge would bring people together in harmony and celebration.

We do everything for life but we forget life itself. Money, relationship, power, position, name, fame, everything is for life, but what is life itself? How much value are we giving to the life in us? To the human values? How are we enjoying or celebrating the diversity we see in the world? These are the questions that came up and as an answer to these questions, this foundation began.
It began with the thought of uniting people across the globe, across religious and racial divide, and to see if we can imbibe the feeling of a global family, and I am glad to say today, after 35 years, we have hope that we can do this.

Here again, it is just the matter of establishing the connection. The candle has been lit and the other wicks are ready. All that is required now is a little of the human touch to confirm that humanness is still alive on the planet and we care for each other, and share with each other. This one human touch can transform other human beings.
Each one of us can do a lot in creating harmony, within ourselves and all around us. We all have this ability. Today on Diwali, let us revisit our own passion to create a society with compassion.

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