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26 Jul 2015 Qubec, Canada

You know medical science is evolving. At one point of time, people were told antibiotics are good, but now it's said they are not so good. At one point of time, a whole generation left this planet thinking butter is very bad for your heart, but last year, in June, an article in the TIME magazine said that doctors now say butter is good for your heart! (laughter)

Someone asked me, "I am a nurse; I feel so agitated and tired. Will meditation help me?"
Definitely, it will help. What we need today is a holistic medicine. Doctors are now admitting that there are certain things which can be cured by alternative means such as yoga, meditation, breathing exercises. Also some herbs can go a long way in bringing better heath.

You know, in the Bangalore Ashram (The Art of Living International Center), we have one of the best Ayurvedic hospitals and an Ayurvedic medical college. Many people who have the problem of varicose veins, to whom doctors say that you have to operate the knee, just come here for one week and they’re fine - no operation needed! People become so fit and they start running.

We want to bring this sort of education and these treatments to people all over. I know so many people here in Quebec have arthritis and varicose veins. You should stop worrying. It’s the worry that makes the problem worse. Why do you worry? One day everyone is going to go under the ground. You shouldn’t wait for that day to be peaceful. Some people say, "May your soul rest in peace", we should be in peace vertically not horizontally! (laughter)

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