An Easy Way To Forgive

18 Jul 2015 Bad Antogast, Germany

Singing is essential. It should be a part of our life. Even before we started talking, we started humming. Every human being, every bird, and most of the animals sing because singing is part of the expression of life. Spending a few minutes with music every day is essential. That will stimulate the right brain activity.

The whole day, from the time we wake up until we go to bed, we are only using the left brain – calculating, talking, logical reasoning, taking decisions. So our development is one-sided. So, for some time, we have to give rest to the left brain and swing to the right side, to be balanced! So, to be balanced, sometimes sit and listen to music and sing.

Our habit has been that we put on music but yet we keep talking. Music is running, it is going on, I don’t know for whom to hear, but you are busy in doing something. How many of you do this? (Many in the audience raise their hands). Nearly everyone! The music is going on in the background but we are not engrossed in the music. You are not soaking yourself in music. You are not letting the music take over you.

Satsangis when you just sit and allow the music to take over you and be totally soaked in music. Then, the right brain activity is dominant and you feel very good. The whole system gets energized. It can be an antidote for many illnesses and also help in prevention of several psychosomatic disorders. This can only happen when you listen to music, and be engrossed in music. What do you say?

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