Why Bad Things Happen
To Good People?

28 May 2015 Bangalore, India

All spiritual practices help bring prana to the central channel (naadi) of energy, going through our body. There is a central channel of energy, which runs through the centre of our body like a pillar. It gets activated whilst doing yoga; not just aasanas, but meditation and spiritual practices. When this channel of energy flows, you feel very strong, committed, and the mind is very clear.

When we overuse any of our senses, this channel of energy becomes weak. If you eat too much, watch too many movies, worry too much; or if you are too ambitious, then the prana does not move in the central channel and it becomes weak. Then we start to feel that the prana is broken. When the flow of prana appears to be broken or haphazard, then the mind is all over the place. You can’t focus, learn, or express yourself, and you have issues of all sorts. Good company brings back the channel energy in its right perspective.

Your own prana will tell you whether what you are doing is right or wrong. If the prana breaks, then you don’t feel a continuous flow in the central part of your body, you feel weak. When the prana is flowing uninterruptedly in the central channel, truth, commitment, courage, confidence, compassion, and happiness come up in life.

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