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20 Jan 2016 Bangalore, India


Do you know what is a sign of good health? A cool head, a soft belly and warm feet. This is a sign of good health. When your body, mind and spirit - everything is in place then everything is okay. If you find that your feet are cold, head is hot and your stomach is hard, then something is seriously wrong. When you are sick this is what happens -- the head gets hot, feet get cold and your stomach becomes hard. There was an old saint who used to say, “Pav garam, pet naram aur sir thanda, aisa nahi ho to maar danda”.

We should pay attention to this. When you do meditation have you observed how the stomach becomes soft! How many of you observed that when you did meditation and paid attention to your belly, how it became soft? Cool headedness, warm feet and soft belly sign of good health .Cold feet and hard tummy is a sign of some problem. It may not be very serious. but you have to take it seriously.

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