Don't Let Others' Judgement
Define You

2 Jan 2016 Bad Antogast, Germany

Turn every question into wonder, "Wow!" Wonder is the preface for yoga. Yoga does not just mean exercise, it is the union with the universe.

The preface of yoga is wonder or 'wow'. Any time you say, "Wow", the mind stops. Nature has provided you with so many opportunities in life to get into a state of 'wow', either through beauty or through shock. This is called Chakit Mudra.
Chakit Mudra means: (Gurudev demonstrates an expression of utter dismay, with a 'Ha' sound, taking a sharp breath inwards).
Can you do that? (Asking the audience to make the same expression) Do it with a jerk, making the 'Ha' sound, and then wait, stay still and see what happens. (Audience makes the 'Ha' sound). Do you notice that a stir comes when you're really in shock and surprise? Your jaws should drop, you eyes should become big. Come on, do it and stay still. And then close your eyes, you will slip into the infinity.

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