A Guru Is Definitely Needed

25 May 2015 Bangalore, India

We all just sang a bhajan about Vitthala (a deity from Maharashtra seen as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu). This entire creation is made from Vitthala. We sometimes think that Vitthala is just this idol that is placed before us in the temple. No, that is not so. Everything in creation is made up of Vitthala, and He is omnipresent. That is why we sing – “Mata Vithhala, Pita Vithhala, Guru Vithhala, Sakhaa Vithhala…” (My mother is Vitthala, my father is Vitthala, my Guru is Vitthala, my dearest friend is Vitthala). It means, seeing Vitthala in everyone around us. This is the real essence.

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