Guru Utsav Divas

5 Sep 2014 Bangalore, India

The Teacher’s Day in India got a new name today – it will be called as Guru Utsav Divas from now on. It is also very appropriate. You know, if you consider the word Guru as a neutral gender, then the name of this day would translate as The Great Celebration.
Guru always means great. I think it is a very good idea that the Prime Minister of India has re-christened the name of this day. People from world over today are using the word Guru in many ways, like Management Guru, Consultant Guru, etc. So why should we use Teacher’s Day then?

A teacher is one who simply teaches, but a Guru is one who guides also. A teacher is one step lower than a Guru because a teacher gives you information or teaches you skills, but a Guru is one who makes you reach your destination. Do you see the difference? It is a new way of looking at things.
A teacher can give you a lot of information, but it is not necessary that the information is holistic. On the other hand, a Guru is one who takes you all the way to your destination. So today’s day is very apt for celebrating this. For many years, we have been celebrating this day as Teacher’s day in India. Today, by re-christening this day to Guru Utsav Divas, it has acquired a greater dignity and a higher pedestal in our life.

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