India: Way Forward

15 Aug 2014 Bangalore, India

(Read Gurudev's Message on India's Independence Day - 15 August 2013)

India has always had power, and it is because the spirituality of India. We need to bring forward the image of our nation as a secure and strong country. And it is everyone’s responsibility to work for the improvement of our society. We cannot say that we love the gardener (God) but we don’t like his garden (society). Nobody can say this. That is why Janseva (serving people) is Janardana seva (serving God). So we should be involved in service.

Whosoever is given a position, they should remember that the chair is meant for serving the people, and not for selfish personal gains. The leaders of the country should live with humility, and serve with dedication, just like a servant would.

God is said to be ‘Dasaanudasa’ , which means the servant of servants. Lord Hari (a name for Lord Narayana) is said to be the servant of servants. God serves his devotees with utmost humility and love. So we should be also be like a das (always ready to serve), like the Divine, but we should not be udaas (sad).

We all have belongingness, humanity and love in us. Now is the time to bring this out strongly. We need to meet people and communicate with them. We need to bring a wave of happiness in our society.
Today, even the United Nations has acknowledged that it is not GDP (Gross Domestic Product) but GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) which is more important. We cannot ignore this; happiness is an important factor.
Are people happy? Are they content? Now these factors are also being measured.

The volunteers of VBI (Volunteer for a Better India) should go from village to village and sit with people. Inspire them, and kindle enthusiasm in them. Do satsangs wherever possible. Bringing a wave of spirituality alone will make this difference.
The transformation has already begun and the much needed change has also started happening everywhere.

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