Moving Through Chaos
With A Smile

28 Dec 2013

Boone, North Carolina

Read Celebrating Silence and Celebrating Love.
You must keep reading knowledge. Those who have not heard Ashtavakra Gita, you must hear it. It will make you emotionally and spiritually strong.
If you’ve heard Ashtavakra Gita and taken one or two advanced courses, start satsangs at your home. You can sing one or two songs, watch or read Ashtavakra Gita and have people discuss on it together. It’s good if there is a center, but if there isn't one, you can do that in your home.
We need to make our base in knowledge very strong. It is knowledge that helps us move through chaos with a smile. There is abundant chaos in the world, so if you want to keep your smile, then you have to be well-founded in knowledge.

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What came to me (knowledge) recently was very nice, I liked it myself. Usually I say something and I don't like it so much, and then I have to say something else, because truth is so abstract that it is so difficult to put it into words.
But the one that came to me recently is good: Reason is reeling in the known. Faith is adventuring in the unknown. Reason is repetition and routine. Faith is exploration and adventure.

When people went on a rocket to the moon, they had faith. They didn’t go on a suicide mission, but they had faith that they would return, and so the ventured into the unknown.
A scientific mind always likes to venture into the unknown, otherwise it is not science. If you’re reeling in all that which you have already known, that is reason, and that is repetition. Science is an adventure into the unknown, and that is faith. Usually people think, what science has to do with faith. I say that without faith you cannot explore science. The deeper you go, it is so interesting.

You should bundle all your worries and problems, and drop them here. Go back with a big smile and spread joy in life. Don’t worry about small things.
Some tough times do come, and some pleasant days come. Life is like that, a mixture of pleasant and unpleasant, but finally everything will be good. This is the faith that you need to take with you.
Tell all your friends to come and meditate. The more people around you who meditate, the better it is for everyone, and for the world. People have to come to the knowledge, so knowledge is the best way of serving the society.

If you travel to the Serengeti, in Africa, there are little villages in the midst of the forest, where people don’t know about tooth brushes; they don’t know about clothes, eating, fire and all that. You see such a gap between the people there and people out in the civilized world – because they don’t know about dental hygiene. Nobody has all their teeth, even the young people. They have never brushed their teeth because they don’t even know about it, and suddenly you realize how important dental hygiene is.
In the same way, when you come here and you are in this joyful atmosphere, you realize how important mental hygiene is.
When you go to a place where people are yelling at each other, or are worried, sad or depressed, they need mental hygiene. Depression is when people have not brushed their minds.
When you brush your mind, then you see that knowledge is within you; light is within you. You are the light, inside you it is there, but if you cover the light with a big blanket, you don’t see it. You simply have to unveil it.
The knowledge is all meant to unveil the light that you are. So drop your worries and problems here. Give them to me and go back home and make life a celebration.

You may say, 'Gurudev, it is very easy for you to say, but it is not easy for me because tomorrow I have to go home, pay my bills, take care of my wife and children', etc.
I tell you, don’t think it is a difficult thing to do. If you think it is a difficult thing or it is a burden, it will appear to be even more so. Know that you have been given a job and you will have the energy and the power to do it, and don’t underestimate yourself.
Those who have done the blessings course, especially you should not underestimate your power – whatever we want, that strong wish in us will start manifesting.

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