My Birthday Gift

13 May 2015 Bangalore, India

If an occasion can inspire so many people to do so much seva, and bring so much joy, I don't mind cutting a cake four times a year.

I am glad I was not born on February 29th, as it comes only once in four years.
Any occasion or any excuse is good enough to celebrate life. The whole essence is to celebrate life. There is an ancient saying, 'Anandad dhy eva khalv imani bhutani jayante', which mean, the entire creation is filled with bliss; everything is born out of bliss, sustained by bliss and the final goal of life is also bliss. So any excuse to celebrate is good enough, as it brings joy and bliss to our life.

What you need to remember at all times is Mein Tera (I am yours). And tell everyone the same thing, 'I am yours; I belong to you'. Whoever you meet, say this to them, 'I belong to you'. Then you will see that everyone in the world will feel like your own.
So keep smiling and keeping spreading the happiness. This is a sign of intelligence! The intelligent ones always spread happiness and joy, and all of us here are intelligent, isn't it? Yes!

Audience: 'Gurudev, I love you'.

You have no choice. We are all one. All these artificial barriers we have created among ourselves is just an illusion. If you go a little deeper, you will see that we are all one. There is only one consciousness, and we are all made up of this. Everything has come out of this, and everything dissolves into this. This is the essence of life.

This time a lot of work has happened, and may it continue. But what is more important is that you all must be happy. And keep your attention inward, that is why it is said, 'Antar Mukhi Sada Sukhi'.
The one who keep his attention on himself, is the one who moves ahead.

How many have birthdays today?
All in the audience raise their hands (roars of laughter)!

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