Life Is A Game

16 Apr 2015 Bangalore, India

Take life as a sport. Life is a struggle when you have no knowledge. With knowledge, the same life which you considered as a struggle turns out into a sport. In sports, you are happy, whatever the outcome.
When you feel that the journey itself is a struggle, then nothing is satisfactory, even victory is as disastrous as failure. But when you see the journey as a path, as singing and dancing (the approach lightens up).
When people are joyful, they sing and dance, and keep going round and round, simply. There is no purpose in going all around a place. When you are walking straight, you have a purpose or a goal that you want to reach. But when you are going around, it is a game. Like horse racing being done within a track, it is just a game. A racing horse is not supposed to reach somewhere. Similarly all the planets are going round and round. They are giving you the message: it is a game.

The ancient Rishis called life a 'leela'. Leela means a game, or fun. They never saw it as Sri Rama’s sangharsh or struggle. They said Ram Leela (Rama’s game). When life is like a game, the whole thing, the whole approach lightens up in both senses; you feel light and it lightens you up as well.

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