How to get over a broken heart

25 Jan 2017 Bangalore, India

The Strength to Move On

Relationships can cause you so many problems and you get so heartbroken. When a relationship breaks down, you get so devastated as though you cannot exist anymore. At that time, it is wisdom that can give you the strength to move on.

The other day when I was in California and somebody said, "I am devastated, my relationship ended. We were together for so many years and he left me.”

I told her, "My dear, there are seven billion people on the planet, and a third of them are of a marriageable age. Don’t worry, you will only get a better person. Move on!"

Just that one word of encouragement and she lit up and got the confidence, "Yes, so what if he left me, he does not know my worth, he is a fool.”

So just move on! You don’t have to say bad things and call him a rogue, or a cheater. If you call him a cheater, you are going to get more upset. And you never know, the other can say, "Well, you are so dumb to get cheated. Why don’t you look inside?"

Don't lose your smile

So, you cannot correct the other person, but you can definitely correct yourself. Move on with a fresh heart, with a lighter heart, and with a happier heart, instead of cribbing and calling him a cheater and all these things. Otherwise, he has left you and gone but you have not left him, you have put him in your head and have spoiled your mind.

Wake up and see that before the relationship, you were alive and kicking; you were laughing, smiling, and happy. Remember the days before you met the person and before you started your relationship. Life was okay. So, it will be okay afterwards as well.

You may have lost out on your relationship, but don’t lose your smile! If you keep the smile, then someone else will come into your life. Otherwise, who will come and make friends with a depressed person? If you are depressed, then you won’t find another boyfriend or girlfriend! Nobody will get charmed by a person who has a long face. When you are looking for a companion, enthusiasm and smiles are exactly what you need.


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