How to Face Your Mistakes
and Move Ahead

9 May 2017 Bangalore, India

Spontaneity is the sign of a vibrant life, and you can't be spontaneous if you are brooding over your mistakes. When you are spontaneous, you don't chew on the past. You don’t chew on your mistakes or the mistakes of others. You must remember - it is not only fools who make mistakes, the wise also make mistakes. Here are 9 perspectives that can help you face your mistakes and move ahead. 

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To err is human. Don't sit and chew on your mistakes or someone else's mistakes. If someone else has made a mistake, forgive and forget. If you have made a mistake, ask for forgiveness and move on. Don't get stuck! Feel free!


When you chew on the mistakes of others, you get angry. When you chew on your own mistakes, you will feel guilty and you will drown in your own depression. Both are no good.


Mistakes simply happen because of lack of awareness. Once awareness dawns in you, then you realize that you made a mistake out of ignorance. By realizing this, you come out of the mistake and become innocent once again. As long as you do not repeat it, it's okay.


Everyone learns from their mistakes, but the intelligent ones learn from the mistakes of others as well, and avoid making them in their life. If you have a sharp intellect, then you will not repeat the mistake that someone else has done, otherwise everyone commits the same mistake and goes through the same ordeal. 


Be in the moment. This is the best way to behave and to get over the past. Digging into the past and then complaining or giving an explanation is stupidity.



Take responsibility for a mistake. Once you accept a mistake and take some remedial measures, then you find peace. But if you brush off a mistake and act as if you didn't do it, then it starts to prick you from within.


Ignorant people around you may remind you of your mistakes, but you should have compassion for them instead of feeling hurt or angry. Think so – “Oh, they are still stuck in the past and do not know that I am a totally different person now. I have changed”.
This faith you must develop in yourself. There is no need to fall into self-pity.


There are some people who believe that they are always right, and so they don’t learn anything from their experiences and repeat the same mistakes. There are also some people who think that they are always wrong. Both these attitudes are not good. You should take the middle path. Learn from mistakes made and go ahead with the conviction that God is on my side and will not allow me to fail.


If your intention is/was correct, then that is all that matters.


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