A Christmas Message

24 Dec 2014 Bad Antogast, Germany

A Message of Love

When the sun is there, there is a lot of activity. But at the time of the year when there is very little sun, when there is very little activity, when nature is sleeping, and when everything has gone into hibernation, in that still and quiet night, springs a celebration with lights, joy, and love – that is Christmas. So, it is outer symbolism of an inner phenomenon.

In the same way, when you are still and quiet, when you are with yourself, almost hibernating, then from there comes the message of love. Stillness brings the message of love.

In activity, you are busy, you are looking outwards. But in stillness, you are looking inwards. In activity, you are extroverted, but in stillness you are always introverted, and love spring from going within, from looking inside. That is why it is said:

Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

A New Perspective to the Hymn “Silent Night”

The small mind is like a child – crying and grumbling, and it is dependent like a child. The big mind is like the mother. The little mind sleeps on the lap of the universal self, and that is heavenly peace. Heavenly peace is not outside, or somewhere up in the skies. Heaven is when the small mind rests on the lap of the big mind.

When the small mind is away from the big mind, then there is chaos, confusion, and hell. Then when the small mind starts crying, it runs to the big motherly mind, and there it sleeps in heavenly peace. That peace is the real peace.

Good, isn't it! Today, you have got a different meaning of the hymn Silent Night. It is not just an incident at some point of time, but an eternal message. You can draw an eternal message from this hymn.

“Holy” is when the mother and child are together.

This is our Christmas message this year: when the individual self sleeps on the lap of the cosmic self, then there is heavenly peace.

Meditate to Celebrate

Today, on the day of Christmas, put your small mind on to the lap of the big mind, and that is meditation. Mother and child in heavenly peace is meditation.

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