How to Stop Worrying

12 Dec 2016 San Jose, Costa Rica

I am coming to Costa Rica after 15 years. What big change has happened here!

Now tell me, does it really matter what topic we speak about? Today, if you go onto google you will find information on almost every topic. Ask me that what google cannot give you. You know, we convey more through with our vibrations than through our words. What google cannot give you is the vibration.

I will share with you something very interesting. Human beings and bananas share 50% of the same DNA. How many of you didn’t know this? (Many raise their hands). A banana is 50% human. I don’t know why people use the term, ‘Gone bananas’ when someone has gone cuckoo. Maybe because the person is using only half of their DNA. (Laughter).

There is a beautiful human being inside everyone. What makes one different is the stress that covers the beauty. When the stress is gone, we become our original selves. Every child which came into this world came as a pure, beautiful, innocent and intelligent child. But then, somehow, we tend to lose that innocence. The intelligence which has no innocence does not have much value and innocence which is not intelligent has no value. What is needed? The combination of intelligence and innocence. That which gives us this innocence and intelligence, which gives us sensibility and sensitivity, that which makes our heart blossom and keeps our intellect sharp is what spirituality is!

What is happening now? Are you watching what’s happening within you? Either your mind is saying, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. As I am speaking you are also having a dialogue. Are you noticing that dialogue?

Audience: Yes

You have to say ‘Yes’ to this question. You can’t say ‘No’, at least for this one because your mind is going ‘Yes-No, Yes-No’. It doesn’t matter what I say. What is important is for you to know that your mind is saying ‘Yes and No’. This is creating another level of awareness. It is very important to cultivate this.

See, we all have ten fingers but we don’t know how to play the harp, or the guitar or the violin. That needs a little training. Similarly, though we have all these abilities, we are not trained to use them. If we can train ourselves to use them, what happens? Our sharpness increases, our memory sharpens, our intuitive ability becomes very strong and our presence of mind increases.

What the psychologists say is, when listening to a talk that is for 10 mins or more, your mind keeps taking cappuccino breaks now and then. Today a lot of young people are losing their attention. What is called ADHD; attention-deficit-syndrome is increasing. How many of you agree with me? (Many in the audience raise their hands). So, what to do? Meditation, yoga, a little bit of breathing exercise and Sudarshan Kriya.

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