The Quest Of Human Life

7 Nov 2016 Bangalore, India

Message from Iraq:
My Gurudev of peace, before I say Babashed's (the spiritual father for the Yazidis) message to you who is the spiritual leader of Yazidis, we thank you for welcoming us and for getting us here. You have collected us together from all the sectors, religions, and background of Iraq - the Sunnis, Shias, Christians, Yazidis and we are all united and together today. We will take the peace which you have given us to spread in our country.

Babashed's message: Peace and gratitude to all of you in India. You have gifted us with spirituality and we are here to learn from you. We are proud to be here and learn peace and patience from you.
Today, my city has been liberated. For more than two years and three months, the ISIS had been killing, torturing and treating all of us badly. We hope that all our Yazidis's girls who have been taken by ISIS come back to us. Thank you, Gurudev. Thank you, everyone. Thank you for helping and supporting us. Thank you for giving us all the support and peace so that we can live. Jai Gurudev!

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