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  1. The Role Of A Guru

    Nov 24 2014
    (Below is a continuation of the post Develop Your Emotional Intelligence) Gurudev, a few months ago my personal Guru left his physical body. I am not able to bear the grief of his absence and the void because of his departure. How can I console ...
  2. Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

    Nov 24 2014
    (Below is a continuation of the post The Ultimate Love) Gurudev, I feel that people around me deceive me very quickly and easily. What pleasure do they get in doing such things? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Whether they deceive you sooner or later, ho ...
  3. The Ultimate Love

    Nov 24 2014
    Did you all realize that you meditated for 22 minutes? Could you feel the passage of time as you meditated? And did your mind wander away during this time? No, it did not wander even a bit. So you need to learn the skill and the art of making t ...
  4. Learning From Mistakes

    Dec 5 2014
    There was a king in Arabia and he ordered some exotic vegetables from another country. Exotic is that which is not grown there. So he ordered the vegetables, and when they came the cook prepared them and served it to him. The king enjoyed it an ...
  5. Ayurveda: Healthier Than Ever Before

    Dec 6 2014
    We have always had a tradition of conducting things in a more informal manner rather than being formal. This is what satsang is all about also. There are no formalities to be followed in satsang; we all sit together freely with each other. Toda ...
  6. No Religion Preaches Hate

    Nov 21 2014
    (Taking the call for peace to the middle of the conflict zone, renowned spiritual leader and founder of The Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar addressed a peace conference in Erbil in Kurdistan, the violence hit province of Iraq. Below is the transcript o ...
  7. Peace Is Possible

    Nov 20 2014
    I would request you to take some time and visit the camps to reassure the people there and bring back their smile. Yesterday, when I walked through a couple of camps, people said, ‘Today we are happy and are able to smile’. It was a very good m ...
  8. There’s No Room for Guilt

    Nov 13 2014
    (Below is a continuation of the post You Make Your World) Gurudev, I have been a teacher for many years. I see in myself and other teachers that we don’t always practice the basic course points and it disturbs me to a point that I feel a bit of ...
  9. You Make Your World

    Nov 13 2014
    (Below is a continuation of the post To The Farmers Of India) This entire world is made up of vibrations, and we should see to it that these vibrations are Sattvik (positive and uplifting).When a doctor is good and treats everyone well, we gene ...
  10. To The Farmers Of India

    Nov 13 2014
      Today, many farmers from all over the country have gathered here at the Bangalore Ashram. A very warm welcome to you all! If the farmers of a country are happy and prosperous, then surely the people of that country too will be happy. A country ...
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