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  1. Gurudev, if what we see and hear is not the truth and yet our mind experiences life and the world only through our senses. So if 99.9% of all our actions are based on wrong view, what is the use of partaking in any actions?

    Even that action is also not real.
    Whatever action you do is also not real. If everything is not real then not just your thought but your action is also unreal. ...
  2. Gurudev, I know that the path of truth is supreme. However, one has to lie a little bit in business.

    Yes! In business, one can speak lies to some extent, as much as there is salt in the food. If you speak too many lies, you are likely to get into trouble. And if you do not add any salt, you will not be able to eat the food. So if lies exceed a certain lim ...
  3. Gurudev, what is the importance of a name? If there is nothing, then why do Swamis and Rishis after becoming Swamis and Rishis, get a new name?

    It is an ancient tradition. A name is an inspiration.
    Swamis and Rishis get a new name because a new chapter of their life has begun, from being somebody to becoming really nobody. ...
  4. Gurudev, a few days back you said that Arjuna's seat is empty. I want to apply for that post. Am I fit? How should I give my application to you Guruji?

    It is already done. This question itself is an application.
    Now, keep applying all the knowledge that you have heard. ...
  5. Gurudev, I want to remain neutral, neither positive nor negative. When I tell my husband, ‘I have no problems with you. You are allowed to do what you wish to do?’ It sounds negative. Is it negative even though I feel good and relieved to feel this way?

    Yes, he may feel that you don’t care for him when you tell him, ‘you can do what you want to do, irrelevant I am happy.’ He may think that this lady doesn’t care for me.
    If you are feeling relieved, then that is good. What is there in words?
    You ...
  6. Gurudev, how do you want us to spend the remaining of our life? As a follower or a devotee?

    Do you think devotees are not followers or followers are not devotees?
    It is better not to label yourself as something. I want you to be happy, content and wish for the highest knowledge, for the ultimate.
    Move forward with your focus on the ulti ...
  7. Q: Guruji, how to learn to let go?

    Take a deep breath in and hold. That’s it! Now you know how to let go. ...
  8. How do I blossom in divine love when I have a partner because my love for my partner somewhere dilutes my love for the Divine. I feel I am not giving my 100% to serve you.

    No, they are not in conflict at all. Don’t think that way.
    Sun shines through every window completely.
    But don’t use this when you fall in love with another woman. You know what Guruji said, ‘Sun shines through every window totally.’
    So I ...
  9. What do you mean by self-realization? After one attains self realization, is he not reborn?

    Yes, that is absolutely true and you have come to the right place. Often people are at the wrong place. They want a cup of tea or coffee and they are found at a fabric store. But you are at the right place, just be a little patient. ...
  10. Gurudev, please tell us about 'purusharth'. Is it just our effort, such as the sadhana, seva and satsang that we do or is it something else?

    Purusharth means attaining these four things: dharma, artha, kaam and moksha.
    Dharma is doing one's duty; kaam is fulfilling one's desires; artha is generation of wealth; and moksha is achieving freedom from all these. All four are essential. This is ...
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