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  1. Gurudev, when I am in the Ashram I am very happy and energetic. But when I go back home, it immediately drops. Please help me to have at least half of that at home.

    Has everyone at home done the program? If not, make them do.
    Keep listening to knowledge, keep singing. And you be determined, come what may, I take the challenge; I will not let my enthusiasm go down.
    Do you know how it goes down? Because you sta ...
  2. Gurudev, can you give us an insight on what is happening to our planet, to our environment, to our nature? I get worried everyday inspite of my trying to make myself a better person.

    Don’t be disheartened. Nature is intelligent.
    It has given the will to many people today to plant more trees, to be more aware of the lakes and rivers and people are much more environment conscious today than before.
    So we are moving in the right ...
  3. Cinco Tipos de Inquietação

    Existem 5 tipos de inquietação:- O primeiro tipo de inquietação decorre do local em que você se encontra. Quando você se muda para longe deste lugar, a rua ou casa, você imediatamente se sente melhor. O canto, crianças brincando e rindo, isso pode mudar e ...

    Development is imperative, but a short-sighted approach is often the cause of great harm. Sustainable development is that which keeps in mind the long-term effects and benefits of any program.

    Short-sighted development is a disaster. Ravaging na ...

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