Courses Testimonial68

Ranjan Samanta

I started taking drugs from 1991. The euphoria of the drug made me stick to it and I never knew that this thing will land me in such a helpless situation. By the end of 2004, life became miserable. By that time I got married and had two children. Instead of looking after them, they had to be anxious about me. My elder sister brought me to the VVM Deaddiction Research Center. After 10 to 12 days I was taught the ‘Sudarshan Kriya’. I had no idea and, in fact, I didn’t feel like doing it and was wondering how it could help me in my addiction problem. Gradually, I could feel the difference. My impatience, irritation and short-tempered behavior started to diminish. Today, when I look at myself, I find myself totally different from my past. After two months, I took a big decision. May be this is the first correct decision I made after 15 years. I stayed here to help other addicts and started my life from the root once again. Today my family is very happy. My children love me and eagerly wait for me when I go home. Trust and faith which I lost before is coming back. Today I am happy leading a sober life and grateful to all the people at the centre who helped me to come back to a normal life.

  Badakhshan province