FAQ question: 

Are there any rules and customs in the Ashram or on the program that I should be aware of?

FAQ answer: 
  • Please wear clothing that covers your shoulders and ankles.
  • Hot water for bathing is available from 4-6 am. If you have a button to turn on the Hot Water in your bathroom, please turn it on at least 15 mins before you intend to bathe.
  • If your program requires you to be in silence, please refrain from talking, whispering, or communication with anyone in any way to reap full benefits of the program.
  • Men and Women do not share accommodation. Men will be housed with other men, and women housed with other women.
  • At Yagnashala and Vishalakshi Mantap, men and women sit separately.
  • No shoes, food or drink, except for bottled water, is allowed inside Vishalakshi Mantap or Yagnashala
  • Vishalakshi Mantap and Yagnashala are quiet zones, please refrain from talking loudly, bringing children inside and having your phone on, as people might be meditating.
  • There will be group Sadhana (Padmasadhana, Pranayam, Bhastrika and Kriya) every morning during your program, please listen to announcements for timings the night before, at the end of Satsang.
  • Rudrapuja will take place every Monday at Yagnashala (subject to change), please listen to announcements for timings the night before, at the end of Satsang.
  • Lost and Found is located in the Housing Office
  • Please do not wear any expensive footwear
  • Please wear your nametags at ALL TIMES for security reasons
  • Ladies are requested to tie their hair during any puja.
  • Water that is safe to drink can be purchased at the divine shop, or filled in the Kitchen (Dining Hall) or the various taps, which indicate "Drinking Water"
  • No alcohol, cigarettes or drugs are allowed in the ashram
  • No meat is allowed in ashram (includes chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, prawn, egg, beef, pork, lamb, venison, etc)
  • Please avoid eating cut fruit from the stalls on the road in front of the Kitchen (Dining Hall), as we cannot guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of the stalls.
  • Everyone should be in their own rooms at 11 pm
  • If you are designated seva, please do it. If you missed group allocation for seva, then please perform seva on your own initiative. (e.g. wiping plates, serving food, cleaning Vishalakshi Mantap)