9 August 2013 - QA 5

Gurudev, do thoughts and feelings affect our Karma (actions)? Like it is said in Sri Ramcharitmanas ’Jaki rahi bhavna jaisi, prabhu murat dekhi tin taisi’ (Meaning: In whichever way one chooses to perceive the Lord, in that very form the Lord appears to him).

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yes, it is indeed correct. One’s thoughts and feelings both determine one’s karma. The way one perceives people and things around himself, they will appear in that very same way to him. People will appear to you the way you perceive them to be. If you see a person as a friend, he will come across as a friend to you. If you consider someone as your enemy he will behave like an enemy to you. Then they will appear as your enemy to you even if they do not do anything. It is said – ‘Yatha drishti tatha srishti’ (Meaning: As is one’s vision, so does the world appear to him).