9 July 2014 - QA 2

Many times people talk about seeking something on this path (questions like: Who am I? What is the truth?) I feel like I am not seeking anything, is that okay?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yes, because sometimes the seeking is not on a conscious level, but deep inside it is there.
Why are you here in the first place? You are here because inside the soul wants something. It wants to connect with itself. So it is there inherently, you don’t have to consciously say, ‘I want to know myself, I want to know myself!’ If you keep saying this, you’ll become crazy. In our language we call such people the Blue Stars. They are good people but not so grounded.
If you don’t consciously have the feeling, ‘I want to know who I am’, doesn’t matter. Know that there is a seeking and that’s how you’re enjoying the knowledge, the meditation and this path. It is there in everybody but sometimes it gets overshadowed, and sometimes it becomes a little more obvious. It doesn’t have to be at an intellectual level but it is there on the existential level.

Our teachers are working tirelessly in Iraq, in Kurdistan, and in Pakistan. In Pakistan our teachers are working very hard to educate people. Of course, we face opposition.
It was going so well in Pakistan, hundreds of people were taking the course. But suddenly some people were not happy with it and so they tried to stop it. Yet see the enthusiasm of the people, they say, ‘No, we will still do it.’
I told them to wait for a little while and then continue our work. None of the teachers are saying, ‘No, we are not going to work because we got into a problem'. Instead they said, ‘No we will do it.’