Satyam Param Dhimahi

28th of Jul 2011 to 5th of Aug 2011
Location Information: 
Bangalore  Karnataka

9 days in the bangalore ashram were spent with participants of the teacher's training program inspiring them to take wisdom and the message of love to every corner of the planet. Every evening there was a meditation where all gathered chanted Satyam param dhimahi guided by Sri Sri before diving into that silent space. "From (chanting) Satyam Param Dhimahi (Let Truth, Divinity and Knowledge dawn in my consciousnes), it will move into 'Satyam eva Jayathe' (Truth alone shall prevail)."says Sri Sri.

He spoke on several topics including cultivating humility, Karma and bondage, becoming expressive, using intuition, longing and dispassion. Following is a short excerpt: "You know if you have only longing, the longing can turn into anger or hatred. And if you have only dispassion, the dispassion will become so dull and boring and can even get into depression. So longing and dispassion together makes it so interesting, so complete, so juicy, so alive." Read More

He encouraged all who came to the ashram to take responsibility and come up with ideas on how they could contribute to the betterment of the country and spread the knowledge.