Sri Sri Yoga
Level 1

Sri Sri Yoga
level 1


You experience increased energy, reduced stress, and improved sleep.


Improve your flexibility, strength and health


Increase your self-awareness and centeredness

Why Sri Sri Yoga?

The core essence of yoga, and therefore many of the benefits, have been lost in most mainstream classes. Sri Sri Yoga is different. You’ll learn authentic, holistic yoga with far-reaching benefits for modern living and daily life.

We welcome you. Discover an accessible, non-judgemental yoga that meets you, just as you are. You’ll explore your own comfortable edge of stretch and strength to suit your body. And emerge with deeper self-awareness and insight.

Experience all aspects of a complete yoga practice, including traditional yoga postures (asanas), simple breathing techniques (pranayamas), guided meditation, and yogic wisdom. Yoga, at its core, is holistic.

Authentic Yoga

Experience the true essence of yoga. Discover an authentic, accessible practice that deeply benefits mind, body, & spirit.

Expert Instructors

Our experienced & certified Sri Sri School of Yoga teachers, will expertly guide you every step of the way.

Mind-Body Wisdom

Gain practical, life-enhancing yogic wisdom & insight into your mind-body well-being for greater health & vitality.


You’ll have the confidence to practice a full yoga sequence solo & have the tools to reset & rebalance, anytime.

“Like a flower bud, human life has the potential to blossom fully. Blossoming of human potential to fullness is yoga”

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar