Being an Inspiration…You Already Are

You have inspired many people in your life, perhaps by a thought, a word, or an action. You are already living as someone’s inspiration, even if you don’t know it.

You pride yourself in the different roles that you already are - parent, sibling, spouse, etc. Now, you can play one more role - that of a Guru, a teacher. You can be that somebody who adds more to another's life!

Spiritual teacher, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, offers some guidance for the guide:

  • A Guru is one who is there with unconditional love and support. You already are love; you simply have to start playing the role.
  • Be a Guru with your 100 percent, without expecting anything in return.
  • Know that you are light. Wisdom is knowing that, 'I am love, I am light, and I am compassion'. Wisdom is when this awareness dawns in you.

Think about it…how many times have you guided somebody who felt lost? Or cared for someone who needed a loving touch? Perhaps unconsciously, but you have already played the role of Guru at some point of time in your life. Let us now do it consciously! Let us be inspired and become an inspiration to the people around us.

The Beauty of Having a Guru in one’s Life

You need a coach to learn soccer, or go to the gym, or drive a car. Its normal, it's easier, and it’s quicker. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, you are much better off to learn the skills from someone who knows better.

There are also people who know more about life, its mysteries and those of the unknown realms of consciousness. They are called spiritual gurus or sadhgurus, referring to the ancient Indian tradition of paying homage to learned people.

A Guru is one who helps you understand life better. A Guru helps you find God in yourself and in everyone.

A city without streets, a king without a treasury, a merchant without a business, a face without a nose, a life without wisdom, and a life without a Guru are all considered the same.

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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