Feeling Thankful For All That You Are & Have… For… You Crown This Universe

Often in the rush of a fast-paced life, it’s easy to lose awareness. It’s easy to get lost in in the frenzy and forget the everyday beauty. But do you know what? You’re fooling yourself. Because this attitude doesn’t allow you to live a life that you truly deserve.

Who are you? Not just a name or a face, but a part of the larger cosmic structure, and as Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says:

You belong to this whole universe.
You complete this existence.
You are like the cherry on the top of a cake.
You being here on this planet, at this time, brings the time into completeness.
You are here to crown this universe, to crown this existence. This very moment that
you are observing in this universe is so precious.

And when you see yourself through this perspective, something shifts inside you. From being someone who is living an average life, someone who is trying to bring happiness to others and yes, gets upset sometimes: from all these roles you are transformed to someone who feels empowered, with a purpose and a focus to give.

And with this awareness, the little everyday things that bring sorrow, put us down, or upset us – start slipping away.

“Open your eyes and you will see the Divine in every particle of creation. You are here now today. You crown this creation,” says Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

And how can you, the crown of this creation, feel any lack? “Bang on your inner door. See that there is no lack of love in you, there is no lack of anything whatsoever inside you.

And when there is no lack, there is a sense of abundance. So be thankful. Be grateful for Life’s offerings to you. Our life works like this: what we focus on, grows. If we continue seeing lack, it grows. And if we see plenty, that manifests.

This Guru Purnima, let’s be thankful to those who have been a guiding light on our dark paths, who have been a constant companion on our uncertain adventures. Let’s express our gratitude to all those who’ve been a rock solid foundation for our lives. Whether it’s your parents, siblings, spouse, friends or your pet, express your gratitude towards them and let them know that you cherish them as much!

Be grateful for whatever God has offered you today. And you will see that He goes on offering plenty, never a lack. But if you go on seeing the lack, then that continues. Your attention on lack allows lack to continue in life.

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar