A Note from a Seeker

There are so many days in the calendar where we honor different people that are dear to us, such as Father's day, Mother's day, Secretary's day, Birthdays, isn't it? So this particular full moon honors the Sadhguru. It honors the Guru Principle which brings us to our self.

It is so beautiful to wonder about the Master because no matter what is happening, in the end, for the Master, it is only about serving his people.

Guru Purnima is supposed to be the day when we honor the Master. But in effect, what are we really doing? We are honoring how much we have been served (by the Master).

Guru Purnima is a day to look back at the past year, or perhaps when you started your journey with the Master and reflect, 'Where was I, where have I come, and how?' And if you look closely, the how gets answered through grace. And so, it is the day to honor grace. Grace is such an amazing thing that it is so overwhelming; if you were to stop, take a pause and really reflect on it.

So honor your own journey, honor the light in your own life that has brought you from point A to point B.

My Grandmother used to often say to me, 'At the price of your head, if you can get a Sadhguru, hurry-up and take it, you are getting a bargain'.

I am not sure that the Master wants these many heads, but anyhow...

It is said in the scriptures that it is only through the Master that the grace of knowledge and wisdom can be bestowed. There are so many great angels, but it is only through the Guru Principle can one be given the gift of wisdom; of knowledge of the self, and knowledge of love and light. So today is really just a day of overwhelming gratitude.

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