Role of the Guru

Q: Why is there so much emphasis on the Guru? What is the role of a Guru? What does the Guru do? Why do you need a Guru?

When you ponder on this, you come across some salient features. Life is a dichotomy. Life is not simple, it is so complicated. Opposites makes life, such as, pleasure and pain, happiness and suffering, greed and generosity, passion and dispassion.

Life is full of opposite values, and they pull you in different directions. When the complications in life become too much, the poor mind is unable to handle it and it just breaks down. That is when it needs support. And for that, the Guru is available.

Guru is not the body, Guru is light, Guru is wisdom, and light and wisdom is essential in human life. When one's life and wisdom is inseparable, then you call them Sadhguru or Guru.

When is it possible for the wisdom in you to remain intact? When you are not involved in a situation. You might have noticed that you give great advice when you are not involved in a particular situation. But when you are in trouble, you don't get those ideas. This is because wisdom dawns when you are out of the mess.

If there is wisdom, how could there be a mess? A mess would not be there at all. So the Guru is one who is out of the mess and who watches the chaos amidst the chaos.

You must have heard of something called circuit breakers. When the surcharge electricity comes, the circuit breakers stop the excess flow of electricity and saves the apparatus. You can say that the Guru is such a circuit breaker.

When there is something that the mind cannot handle, the Guru comes in saves the mind. So whatever you cannot handle, whatever appears too much for you, give it away to the Guru, so that you remain sane and balanced.

In the same way, when there is a compelling desire that bugs your mind, then also the Guru is there with unconditional love and support to tell you, 'Don't worry, let's make it happen for you'.

So for you to offer your desires, and to offer your pain, you need a bowl. And that bowl is what is called the Guru.

So having a Guru means to be able to smile all the time without worry. Being able to walk with confidence, with a vision, and that is wisdom.

You can't say, 'I have a Guru yet I am so worried'. That means you are not utilizing what you have. This is what having a Guru is about.

It is said, once you have a Guru then the job is done! Freedom is achieved.

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